• Stade Rennais has let it be known that it wishes to nibble more land at Prévalaye to enlarge its training centre.

  • The elected officials of the city of Rennes and several associations are opposed to this choice to invest in a plot which was to be used for agriculture and speaks of a "red line" crossed.

  • The majority of Nathalie Appéré will probably have to decide while the management committee of the Prévalaye multiplies the meetings without succeeding in reaching an agreement.

Stupor, Tuesday evening, in the ranks of the management committee of Prévalaye.

While intense discussions are underway between the city of Rennes, Stade Rennais and associations based on the site, the football club dropped a bomb in the hemicycle.

Yes, its 3.5 hectare extension project, presented last year, is still relevant.

But it will not be enough.

“During our studies and drawing inspiration from other training centres, we noticed that we could not achieve our competitiveness objectives with such limited land.

If we limit ourselves to 3.5 hectares, we will only be able to make an additional piece of land in addition to the six we already have.

It's not sufficient.

We need ten pitches,” said Karim Houari, stadium manager of Stade Rennais.

It is for this reason that the club had not submitted its building permit in October as planned.

Criticized for its project considered too ambitious, Stade Rennais had already lowered its grip on the ground… But has just come back to it.

To develop, the club estimates that it needs 18 hectares, while it has only twelve today.

He had already obtained 3.5 after intense and tough negotiations which had (almost) achieved consensus in the ranks of the Prévalaye management committee.

Tuesday evening, the announcement of the desire to nibble another 2.5 hectares of this unique wild space therefore surprised, disappointed and even annoyed.

"For comparison, the Stade de Reims is 25 hectares and 15 pitches, Lens is 22 hectares and Lille is 43 hectares", tries to justify the manager of the Breton club.

The argument absolutely does not convince the thirty people present in the assembly of Rennes Métropole.

Especially since to expand, the club wants to nibble on a wild plot which was to accommodate an urban agriculture project led by the city of Rennes.

“We are touching a point of friction.

Your project thwarts our ambition to enhance this plot.

Today, the design is totally different from what we were presented with,” tackling elected Ludovic Brossard, delegate for agriculture in the majority of the mayor, Nathalie Appéré.

Before letting go.

"You can't put football pitches in the middle of agricultural activity, it's not consistent.

We must defend these lands.

It will be up to us to take our responsibilities”.

At his side, the elected representative of the district holds the same speech.

“We were moving towards a compromise to which I adhered.

But here, we go completely backwards, we ignore all the work that has been done.

We had an agreement on a controlled and limited extension.

It is no longer the same thing today, ”regrets the ecologist Cégolène Frisque.

Faced with questions, Stade Rennais tries to reassure.

“We don't need all of this plot, which is over 9 hectares.

We will only use 2.5 on areas sometimes polluted by heavy metals.

I am convinced that we can find a satisfactory solution for everyone,” says Karime Houari.

In the mouths of all the associations present, the words are the same.

Billionaire François Pinault's club has "crossed a red line".

“We had a red line which was not to touch the agricultural land south of Chemin de la Taupinais.

If there were football fields here, our collective project would no longer have the same meaning, ”said Nicolas Bon, one of the founders of the Lower Court.

This guinguette has settled in the Prévalaye and carries with the neighbor of the Jardin des 1,000 Pas the idea of ​​"eating well".

"I don't see where we're going anymore.

We are a little annoyed by what is proposed, ”engages Maxime, member of 1,000 Pas.

Tuesday evening, annoyance was felt on both sides.

It must be said that this was the 11th meeting of the Prévalaye management committee and that the Stade Rennais extension file does not seem to be progressing.

The club, which hopes to file its new building permit "in September 2022" will have to obtain the agreement of the city before the summer to occupy its land.

It will be up to the city council to decide.

While the file seems frozen, several members of associations have urged the municipality of Nathalie Appéré to decide.

“The city must decide.

It would be easy to give an orientation.

At least everyone will know where he's going.

I'm sure that Stade Rennais must wait for that too, ”launches a local resident who is opposed to the project.

In the delegation of the football club, some nodded.

The ball seems to be in Nathalie Appéré's majority court.

In which direction will she decide to shoot?


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