• The outbreak of war in Ukraine completely changed the situation in the presidential election.

  • Foreign policy will no doubt be the main theme of what remains of the campaign.

  • The oppositions are trying to organize themselves in this new context.

“I have no idea how the campaign will go, other than that it won't happen.

“This important member of the LREM majority does not go around the bush.

The presidential election campaign, already weak, was swept away by the start of the war in Ukraine.

And in the campaign teams, one wonders how to exist at a time when all the attention of the media and the electorate will be focused on the situation in the East.

Of course, each candidate went there with his more or less frank condemnation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But "war crushes everything", notes Fabien Roussel while Anne Hidalgo calls on the responsibility of the media so that "a very beautiful debate can live".

“How do you expect me to tell you if there will be a debate in two weeks when we don't know what the situation will be in two days?

“, lamented the spokesperson for a left-wing candidate on Monday.

Political scientist Bruno Cautrès does not believe, however, that there will be “no campaign at all”.

“Already, because there was a campaign before the start of the war,” he underlines.

In addition, continues Bruno Cautrès, the candidates will not be able to continue their campaign as if nothing had happened “in the face of exceptional circumstances”.

In fact, we will have to talk about Ukraine a little all over the place.

But "without excess or demagoguery" and without seeming to be too much in the wake of Emmanuel Macron, nor too out of step.

Everyone sees noon at his door

As such, the movement of Yannick Jadot is particularly telling.

On Monday, the environmental candidate had long planned a press conference around the publication of a new part of the IPCC report.

He took the opportunity to explain that the circumstances prove that "ecology is a real project of civilization, the only one that responds to the multiplication of crises".

Thus, the exit from fossil fuels - and therefore from dependence on Russian gas - is no longer just a question of the fight against greenhouse gases but also "of values": "Renewable energies are energies of freedom and security", even launched Yannick Jadot.

An EELV executive acknowledged Monday evening that the challenge would be daunting in the face of an outgoing president who will take up most of the media bandwidth.

But considered that the positioning of ecologists on questions of foreign policy – ​​among other things on the strengthening of the European Union – was validated by the new deal in Eastern Europe.

“We won't have to adapt so much.


truck keys

Beyond the campaign themes, the candidates will be judged – probably even more than usual for a presidential election – on their ability to embody the function.

“The Ukrainian question will be the first to be dealt with by the future President of the Republic, points out Bruno Cautrès.

It will be a huge project!

The candidates must not only show us that they have something to say about all this, but that they convince that, if they are president tomorrow, they can manage, that we can entrust them with the keys to the truck .

This was perhaps Valérie Pécresse's intention when she convened a "strategic defense council" on Monday with former right-wing defense ministers (Michèle Alliot-Marie, Gérard Longuet, Hervé Morin, etc.) .

An approach that has especially attracted ridicule.








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Succeeding in being heard in this new context will therefore be difficult, as foreign policy is generally not the main subject of election campaigns.

Are the opponents ready to play on this ground?

Especially since this is the area par excellence where the outgoing president plays at home.

At this time, it seems to be confirmed: the only one to really do well in the polls since Thursday is Emmanuel Macron.


Emmanuel Macron's meeting scheduled in Marseille canceled, the announcement of his candidacy postponed


The war in Ukraine imposes itself in the discussions and upsets the campaign

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