The Liberal Democratic Party Ishiba Group held its first study session after the transition from the faction, and former Secretary General Ishiba talked about the framework of mutual defense in Asia and "nuclear sharing" to share nuclear weapons with allies in relation to the situation in Ukraine. He complained that discussion was needed.

The Liberal Democratic Party Ishiba Group moved from a faction to a parliamentary group that allows them to work with other factions last December, and held its first study session in the Diet on the 2nd.

The study session was held with a lecture by former Secretary General Ishiba on the theme of the situation in Ukraine, and more than 50 people from other factions as well as members of the group participated.

In this, Mr. Ishiba pointed out that Russia's military invasion of Ukraine will also affect the security environment in Asia, and "it is better to seriously consider creating something like the Asian version of NATO." He said that he should consider a framework for mutual defense in anticipation of a Taiwan emergency.

Regarding "nuclear sharing" in which US nuclear weapons are shared and operated by allies, "it is necessary to verify how much the three non-nuclear principles contribute to Japan's deterrence."

The Ishiba Group will continue to hold study sessions on themes such as security and regional revitalization.