China News Service, Fuzhou, March 2, topic: "Post-90s" Taiwanese girls' "landing" new journey: landing in Fuzhou

  Author Zheng Jiangluo

  Chen Xiaoting, a "post-90s" Taiwanese girl, came to Fuzhou for the first time in 2015, and started her new life journey in the mainland.

  During the six or seven years of "landing", she has traveled to many places in Fujian, Guangdong, Henan and other provinces.

After going around, in November 2021, she returned to Fuzhou again.

  "The fate with Fuzhou started from my parents." Chen Xiaoting recalled that her parents came to Fuzhou to start a business more than 20 years ago, but her impression of Fuzhou at that time only stayed at "fish balls are delicious" , I never thought that one day I would work and take root in Fuzhou.

  In 2015, after completing her university studies in Malaysia, Chen Xiaoting stood at a fork in her life.

She said that for her, the employment space in Taiwan is not too ideal, and both opportunities and salaries are subject to certain restrictions; many predecessors suggested that "the mainland is a very good emerging market", she decided to come to the mainland to try.

  "The mainland is very big. Where do you want to go? This is a question worth thinking about." In Chen Xiaoting's opinion, Fuzhou must have its charm when her parents chose Fuzhou.

So, Chen Xiaoting bought a flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Fuzhou.

  From the moment she "landed", she also had another identity - "Taiwan's second generation".

For this title, she believes that she is very lucky, not only "enjoying the experience of her parents", but also "struggling for less than 20 years as people say."

  But she also admitted that as a "Taiwanese second generation", she faces more challenges, "‍‍Not only to inherit some of the experience and concepts of the parents, but also to think about how to quickly integrate into the local area and apply what you have learned. Knowledge and the experience of the parents to do a fusion."

  Chen Xiaoting is currently engaged in personnel administration in a precision mold parts factory located in Changle, Fuzhou.

She noticed that the younger generation is more willing to enter the service industry, financial industry and other industries, and more willing to be "white-collar workers" rather than "workers"; factories are showing an aging phenomenon, "Actually, a mature mechanic is not paid as much as There are fewer 'white-collar workers'."

  "In the manufacturing industry, immutability is not desirable." Chen Xiaoting digs deep into local resources and promotes the company to reach school-enterprise cooperation with Fuzhou Institute of Foreign Studies and Putian Vocational and Technical School. "This injects fresh blood into the factory and gives both the company and the school a chance Opportunity for a deeper run-in.”

  The implementation of various Taiwan-friendly policies in mainland China made Chen Xiaoting feel warm.

She said that under the circumstance that the first batch of new coronary pneumonia vaccines was "hard to find", vaccinations were arranged for Taiwan compatriots. "This is also a reassurance for us."

  "The cognition of the mainland mainly came from books and media in Taiwan, but these are not the same as in reality." From the first time she came to Fuzhou, to the time when she took root in Fuzhou, Chen Xiaoting gradually realized the charm of Fuzhou, "Fuzhou It’s not as stressful as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, it will give you more breathing space and more historical heritage.”

  "Fuzhou is close to Taiwan, and the communication is very convenient. It is also an open coastal city, and the future can be expected." Chen Xiaoting hopes that she will further develop Fuzhou and have better development.

Recently, she and her mainland boyfriend just received a marriage certificate. "I hope to buy a house and settle down in Fuzhou as soon as possible and take root." (End)