The fourth of Xi Jinping's "Two Sessions Stories" series:

The heart-warming "micro-lens" of Xi Jinping's "two sessions"

  Xinhuanet Zhang Ruiqi

  [During the study] This year marks the tenth time since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the National People's Congress.

From attending the opening meeting, closing meeting, plenary meeting, participating in the joint group meeting of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, to discussing the country with the representatives of the "down group"... In recent years, Xi Jinping has left many heartwarming moments and wonderful words.

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  General Secretary Xi Jinping's "two sessions" are about to start.

  Looking back on the 9 years since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping and the deputies discussed the country's issues, eagerly asked people about their health, told vivid stories, reviewed history, talked about development, and looked forward to the future... A group of warm-hearted "micro The lens" is impressive.

Heartfelt narration, touching

  During the "to the delegation" of the National Two Sessions, Xi Jinping and the deputies met frankly and talked freely. In the face-to-face in-depth exchanges, they would always tell some stories with affection, every word, with sincerity and deep meaning.

  On May 22, 2020, when the delegation from Inner Mongolia talked about the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Xi Jinping told a story: "This morning, a representative of the National People's Congress from Hubei on the representative channel said in an interview with reporters, I was deeply impressed. The representative told reporters that more than 3,000 patients with new coronary pneumonia over the age of 80 were treated in Hubei, and one of them, an 87-year-old man, was carefully cared for by 10 medical staff for dozens of days and finally saved. The life of the old man." Xi Jinping said to everyone emotionally: "What is the supremacy of the people? So many people revolve around a patient, which truly reflects whatever the cost."

  The latest developments of the epidemic have always affected Xi Jinping's heart. He repeatedly emphasized that "the people are supreme and life is supreme".

Telling this story at the two sessions, the sincere words are moving.

  In the 2019 Two Sessions, at the CPPCC Joint Group Meeting and the Fujian delegation, Xi Jinping told a story of the old Red Army: "When I was working in Fujian, a child of a founding lieutenant general approached me and said that he would follow his last wish and take half of his father's ashes. He was sent back to his hometown, and half of it was sent to the old revolutionary base area in western Fujian for burial. The old general was from Hunan, and he was a political commissar of a regiment during the Long March. He led the children of western Fujian in the regiment and fought bloody Xiangjiang River, and many comrades in arms were sacrificed. He said, death Later, I will sleep with my comrades."

  "This feeling is in my heart." After telling the story, General Secretary Xi Jinping said to everyone, "If you want to drink water and think of the source, you must never forget the people of the old Soviet area."

  Traveling through thousands of rivers and mountains, not forgetting the people of the old area, not forgetting the road when you came, Xi Jinping's profound "feelings of the old area" is very touching.

  In 2020, when visiting members of the economic circles who participated in the CPPCC meeting, Xi Jinping told the story of his dialogue with the people in his youth and the "three-step" goal put forward by the people, emphasizing the need to help the people, especially the farmers, to build a well-off society in an all-round way. Go; in 2015, Xi Jinping read a letter from Wang Chengdeng, a centenarian of the Red Army, in the Jiangxi delegation, and talked with the delegates about the development of the old district; in 2014, in the Guizhou delegation, Xi Jinping told his story when he cut the queue, emphasizing the need to truly serve People do real things...

  The stories are told with deep feelings, the heart is about development, and the people are in love. It is meaningful and makes people feel warm.

Friendly interaction, warm heart

  "How many people married their wives last year?" "Is the economic impact of the epidemic a big deal this year?" "How many open-pit coal mines are there?" Observing the National People's Congress and the National People's Congress in recent years, in the exchanges between General Secretary Xi Jinping and representatives and members , there are often some well-known "two sessions" and "warm heart out of the circle" warm interaction.

  On March 5, 2019, the Inner Mongolia delegation had a heartwarming scene:

  "General Secretary, the herdsmen sincerely welcome you to our Gacha!" Wu Yunbo, Secretary of the Party Branch of East Sala Gacha, Zalute Banner, Tongliao City, sent an invitation to the General Secretary on behalf of the general secretary.

  "How do I get to your Gacha Road?" The general secretary took over the conversation and asked with great interest.

  "Airplane, high-speed rail, anything." Wu Yunbo said quickly.

  "How do I get there from Beijing? Show me the way." The general secretary asked again.

  "You can take a plane to our Tongliao Airport, we will drive to pick you up, and the highway is open. Now the road is easy to walk." Before Wu Yunbo finished his words, the venue was full of laughter.

  In 2015, when the Jiangxi delegation participated in the deliberation, Xi Jinping said to Lan Nianying, a representative of the National People's Congress in national costume: "You are of the She nationality." Lan Nianying replied: "Yes. I am glad that the general secretary recognized me as a She nationality. "During the review process, Xi Jinping and Lan Nianying had many interactions. He asked the local ethnic minority people's production and living conditions with concern: "Has the farmhouse been opened?" "Is the highway connected to you?"... General Secretary Xi Jinping asked specific and detailed questions about every small matter of people's livelihood. In his mind, the matter of the common people is a major matter.

  The inquiries are caring, and the words warm people's hearts.

  In 2018, at the Guangdong delegation, Xi Jinping praised Mi Xuemei, a grassroots representative: "Your name is like your experience, and the fragrance of plum blossoms comes from bitter cold." In 2014, the Guizhou delegation, Xi Jinping praised the representative Wang Jingmin for singing well, and asked her to convey good wishes and greetings to the villagers, wishing them the best of luck Life is "good bonus"...

  A field of cordial interaction, heart-warming, close and far.

Unchanging concern, full of affection

  The people's worries, I will read; the people's expectations, I will do.

As the general secretary of the party, the president of the country, and the representative of the people, Xi Jinping always cares about the people the most.

  On March 7, 2021, at the Qinghai delegation, Xi Jinping recalled a past event: "I flew directly to Yushu. At that time, I went to a village with an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, and the damage there was still very serious." In 2010, Yushu, Qinghai When a strong earthquake occurred, Xi Jinping made a special trip to the disaster area to visit and offer condolences.

At the 2021 Two Sessions, Tashi Dorje, a Tibetan representative from Yushu, talked about the earthquake and post-disaster reconstruction in Yushu. When talking about the past, Xi Jinping was full of affection: "I am very concerned about the construction of Yushu, and I am very happy. You mentioned that through earthquake relief and poverty alleviation, people have seen the care and strength of the Party, which truly enables our descendants to live a healthy, modern and happy life, and Yushu will have a better future. I I am very concerned about Yushu."

  On March 8, 2017, when Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation of the Sichuan delegation, he mentioned Cliff Village in particular. He said that he had seen reports on the "Cliff Village" in Liangshan Prefecture on TV. Worrying.

But "I saw the material not long ago and said that a new iron ladder had been built in the local area, so I felt relieved again."

  From "worrying" to "relaxing", Xi Jinping's original intention to relieve the people's worries has never changed.

  On March 7, 2014, when Xi Jinping participated in the deliberation of the Guizhou delegation, he recalled that when he cut the queue in 1969, the common people gave him sauerkraut to improve his life. Xi Jinping said emotionally: "I am a person with a rural complex... Now I see ordinary people in impoverished areas, and I do sympathize with them from the bottom of my heart. As communists, we must take them to heart and truly do practical things for them, otherwise where is our conscience.”


  One branch and one leaf is all about love.

The people are the constant concern of General Secretary Xi Jinping.