Text/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Chen Hui, intern Zheng Minshan

  Slightly obese people want to try traditional Chinese medicine to lose weight, but they are afraid that it is too hard to drink decoction and medicine, and they do not have time to go to the hospital often to lose weight with acupuncture and moxibustion?

Wang Shuxin, director of the Rehabilitation Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, recommends two methods of losing weight in traditional Chinese medicine, which are suitable for urban families who have no time and are afraid of "hardship".

  The weight loss "password" hidden in the ears

  In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the ear is not just a simple auditory organ, but a "code book" that connects the body's meridians and viscera.

"The shape of our ears is like a fetus on the lower buttocks of the head, and different areas of the ears correspond to different parts of the human body. At present, there are 93 standard auricular acupuncture points in my country, which are connected to the meridians of the whole body. Auricular acupuncture points, and pressing with your hands will form continuous stimulation to the corresponding sensitive points, which can play a continuous therapeutic effect." Wang Shuxin introduced that unlike acupuncture, which requires daily visits to the hospital or every other day, using auricular point sticking to lose weight only Twice a week is enough, and the sticking time in the office may only take a few minutes at a time.

Stick one ear at a time, and switch to the opposite ear next time.

In this way, the ears on both sides are rotated, which can avoid the discomfort of the ear skin caused by the long-term sticking of the tape, and also avoid the fatigue of the acupoints.

  Wang Shuxin introduced that, just like prescribing decoction, the doctor will also differentiate the patient's physique before applying the auricular point, and select the corresponding auricular point to adjust the physique according to his/her physique.

In addition, in order to achieve a better weight loss effect, acupuncture points related to the feeding center, such as Shenmen point, stomach point and "hunger point" (although it is not among the 93 auricular points, are considered to be the key points for weight loss) , Press these auricular points half an hour before each meal, you can feel soreness and heat, and your appetite will not be so strong when you eat, which helps to "keep your mouth shut".

  In addition, the corresponding area will be selected: for example, if the stomach is particularly large, the abdominal area can be selected; people with spleen deficiency and dampness will choose the spleen area to achieve the effect of strengthening the spleen and removing dampness; those with poor stools will choose the lung area and the large intestine area. If you have difficulty in urination, you will choose the triple focus area.

  There are also acupoints selected according to the characteristics of acupoints. For example, the neck acupoint is equivalent to the thyroid in Western medicine, which can increase the basal metabolic rate and improve the weight loss effect.

  Acupoint catgut embedding for continuous weight loss

  Acupoint catgut embedding is an extension of acupuncture and moxibustion for weight loss. By implanting absorbable surgical sutures into the human body, it stimulates acupoints to achieve the effect of weight loss.

The thread embedding method is similar to acupuncture and needle retention. Through long-term acupoint stimulation, the effect of weight loss and beauty can be achieved.

Absorbable surgical sutures are embedded in the body and do not need to be taken out again. They can be absorbed after a period of time, and are basically harmless to the human body (very few people will have local reactions, such as the thread being discharged or the induration formed at the thread embedding, etc.), and the effect is long-lasting, Not easy to bounce back.

Usually one to two weeks to the hospital, every ten minutes is enough.

  Which acupoints will be selected for acupoint embedding?

Wang Shuxin introduced that the selection of acupoints for catgut embedding is also based on the combination of local acupoint selection and dialectical acupoint selection from afar.

Local acupoint selection is to perform thread embedding in the fattest place.

For example, if the stomach is particularly large, acupoints on the stomach, spleen and Ren meridians can be selected on the abdomen.

Acupoint selection based on syndrome differentiation. For example, people with spleen deficiency and dampness will choose Yinlingquan and Pishu. Constipation is usually combined with Dachangshu and Shangjuxu.

Usually 2-3 groups of acupoints are selected and used alternately.

  It should be reminded that 20 acupuncture points are usually taken each time to bury the thread. It is not that the more buried the better at one time.

  Losing weight is worse than losing body fat

  According to Wang Shuxin, more than half of the obese people who come to see a doctor have a spleen deficiency and dampness.

It may be related to the fact that people who go to work now sit in air-conditioned rooms and offices without exercising, and usually eat takeaways and cold and stimulating food.

The characteristic of this physique is that the weight may not be very heavy, but the body looks fat, which is commonly referred to as "puffiness".

Some women only eat fruits in order to lose weight, but they don't know that many fruits are cold, and the more they eat, the more severe the spleen deficiency and dampness, and they get fatter and fatter.

  In addition, in the process of losing weight, it is more important to pay attention to "body fat rate" than to pay attention to "weight".

"We met some patients in the clinic. After a period of TCM weight loss, the weight did not change much, but the body fat rate decreased, the whole person looked much tighter, and the effect of weight loss was achieved.