[Global Network Report] According to the Russian Satellite Network and Fox News Network, the White House held a "Black History Month" celebration on Monday (February 28) local time. The first lady of the United States Jill Biden delivered a speech. US Vice President Harris made a slip of the tongue and referred to Harris as "President" in front of her husband Biden.

The Russian Satellite Network commented that the "trend" of the United States calling the vice president "president" seems to have come to Jill Biden.

  "As many of you know, our vice president's road to the White House began before she learned to walk, marched with her parents in the civil rights movement, or at least was pushed in a stroller." The video in the Fox News report showed that Jill Biden introduced Harris while boasting, and she had not made a slip of the tongue at this time.

  Amid the applause, Jill Biden then introduced Harris and said: "The President of the United States..." Before she could finish her words, she realized that she was wrong and immediately changed her name to "Vice President of the United States", and there was a burst of laughter at the scene.

Jill Biden also laughed, and President Biden, who was sitting on the side, responded by spreading his hands.

After the laughter settled, Jill Biden joked: "Just to make you laugh."

  Previously, U.S. President Biden himself repeatedly misnamed Vice President Harris as "President".

  According to media inventory, Harris-related slips can be traced back to before Biden became president: in December 2020, he called Harris "President-elect Harris"; in March last year, when Biden was discussing the new crown vaccine Said "President Harris and I visited the Arizona Vaccine Center online"; at the end of last year, he also said in his commencement speech at South Carolina State University that "President Harris is a proud alumnus of Howard University".

  And just earlier this year, when Biden and Harris went to Atlanta University on February 11 to speak to students about voting rights, they slipped again.

  According to Fox News, when talking about the "Capitol Hill riot" incident, Biden said: "Just last week, I stood on Capitol Hill with President Harris and compared the changes here before and after the (riot) incident... ..." Biden didn't even notice the misnomer of "President Harris".

In addition, Biden also threw out a lot of mantras, such as "Damn" and "Damn", but they were corrected in time, the report said.