Taiwan authorities rubbed off Russia and Ukraine's enthusiasm to "seek independence", Taiwan media: If you don't learn a lesson, Taiwan will be the next abandoned child

  [Global Times reporter Cheng Dong] Following the change in Afghanistan last year, the Taiwan authorities have begun to rub off on the heat of the war between Russia and Ukraine in the international arena.

However, seeing more and more doubts about "surrendering the mainland" and "the United States will not rescue" on the island, Tsai Ing-wen and Taiwan's "Executive President" Su Zhenchang began to hype them up again, claiming that these remarks were the mainland's "Internet Army" trying to "divide Taiwan" .

  With the tense situation in Russia and Ukraine, the speculation of "Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow" quickly spread.

According to Taiwan's United News Network, the "Taiwan Taoist Strategy Advancement Society" held a symposium on the so-called "Taiwan is definitely not Ukraine, China may be Russia" on February 27.

Zhao Tianlin, a "legislator" of the Democratic Progressive Party, claimed that some pro-mainland people said that "Ukraine's experience today is because of its opposition to Russia", in order to "praise China, doubt the United States, and criticize Taiwan", while Taiwan's specific media acted as "the opposite side." Local collaborators spread untruthful remarks.”

"Legislative Councilor" Lin Chuyin also added fuel to the jealousy, saying that before Russia's official action, the Russian-Ukrainian war was already going on online.

  In the past few days, the DPP authorities have been smearing the mainland.

Tsai Ing-wen advocated that "the situation in the Taiwan Strait is fundamentally different from Ukraine." Taiwan has natural dangers and a strategic location in the strait. At present, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the response to "cognitive warfare" and "avoid foreign forces and local collaborators intending to manipulate the situation in Ukraine. affect the morale of Taiwanese people.”

Su Zhenchang also claimed that "in the future, we will strictly guard against foreign forces and use the situation in Ukraine to operate cognitive warfare."

  A remark published in the pro-green Liberty E-Newspaper also hyped that the mainland has already started preparations for "cognitive warfare" against Taiwan during Taiwan's "election" in 2020, not only going to Taiwan to recruit Internet soldiers and Internet celebrities, but also buying everywhere A social media homepage of a certain scale in Taiwan; in 2020, it will hold online celebrity and anchor training for Taiwanese youth in Wenzhou, Xiamen and other places.

The article claims that in the past few days, many famous or unified media outlets have been broadcasting the remarks of "Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow".

  A remark published by Taiwan's Zhongshi Electronic News on February 28 believed that "Tsai Ing-wen" was right. Today's Ukraine is not tomorrow's Taiwan. The ability of the Ukrainian army to fight does not mean that the Taiwan army can withstand it.

Senior media person Li Yanqiu sneered that any remarks such as "Ukraine today, Taiwan tomorrow" or "The United States will not send troops to Taiwan" may be immediately labeled as "cognitive warfare".

You Yinglong, chairman of the "Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation", said that Tsai Ing-wen was busy refuting relevant claims, probably because she was worried that the morale of the people on the island would be severely damaged. Even so, "today's Ukraine, tomorrow's Taiwan" has been like a wildfire, and it is obviously not the Tsai authorities. Can prevent blocking.

  Ma Ying-jeou reiterated on February 28 that the United States will only sell weapons and provide intelligence to Taiwan, but the chance of sending troops is very small.

Therefore, in dealing with cross-strait affairs, we still have to find a way of "avoiding war and seeking peace" in order to truly achieve peace and happiness.

  "Taiwan don't force Beijing to showdown," Taiwan's "China Times" said on February 27. If the DPP does not know how to restrain itself on the issue of "de-sinicization", the people on both sides of the strait will only go further and further emotionally.

In addition, the Taiwan authorities have adopted a one-sided policy toward the United States in recent years, indulging in the "best Taiwan-US relationship in history". .

The article said that Taiwan is not an official ally of the United States, and the United States has never promised to send troops to support Taiwan. "If the DPP does not learn the lessons of Ukraine, once the two sides of the Taiwan Strait showdown, will Washington dare to confront Beijing head-on? Taiwan is probably the next abandoned child."

  A comment published by Taiwan's "United Daily News" on February 28 said that Taiwan must recognize that no region can defend us. "Russia attacks Ukraine, and Europe and the United States stand by... God only demonstrates once, I believe both sides of the strait will understand." .