China News Service, Beijing, March 1 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) Li Guozhong, a spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, said in Beijing on March 1 that during the Spring Festival travel period this year, the country's road traffic was generally smooth, orderly and smooth, and a large traffic accident with more than 3 deaths occurred. 22 cases, a year-on-year decrease of 50%, is the Spring Festival with the least number and the largest drop in the past ten years. There has not been a major traffic accident with more than 10 deaths or a long-term, large-scale traffic congestion.

  On the same day, the Ministry of Public Security held an online press conference.

Li Guozhong said at the meeting that from January 17 to February 25, 2022, the 40-day Spring Festival travel in 2022 has come to a successful conclusion.

The traffic control department of the public security relies on the special class for the Spring Festival transportation to comprehensively study and judge the traffic safety situation and the characteristics of travel patterns, timely grasp the severe weather and other conditions, monitor the traffic flow of the main highways every day, and accurately guide the traffic flow of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Chengdu-Chongqing, etc. In key areas, solidly do a good job in safety prevention and control, dredging and ensuring smooth traffic, and make every effort to do a good job in traffic security.

  The national railway public security organs have comprehensively strengthened road-ground joint logistics and police-enterprise coordination to ensure the continued safety and stability of the political and social environment in the railway area, the operation of high-speed railways, and the safe travel of 235 million passengers.

The CSC public security organs have invested a total of 29,300 police officers, dispatched 4,347 vehicles and 1,510 boats, and safely escorted 91,200 passenger ferries.

On average, the civil aviation public security organs dispatched more than 8,400 police officers per day, and a total of more than 884,000 vehicles were interrogated to ensure the safe travel of 79.72 million passengers.

  Li Guozhong pointed out that the national public security traffic control departments have launched a high-level service model, focusing on key traffic safety periods such as returning home before the holiday and returning after the holiday, and closely watching the "four battlefields" of highways, national and provincial roads, rural areas and cities. Strictly investigate illegal behaviors. On the premise that the amount of punishment for minor violations has dropped by 85.8% year-on-year, the investigation and punishment of "three excesses and one fatigue" and serious violations of drunk driving and drunk driving have increased by 23.8% and 12% year-on-year respectively.

  In addition, the railway public security organs have carried out in-depth campaigns of "cloud capture", "falcon" and "filter screen", cracked down on prominent public security problems such as ticket resale and seat occupation, and vigorously rectified ticket resale, seat occupation, begging and selling, and encroaching on travel wealth. We investigated and dealt with more than 11,000 public security and criminal cases in accordance with the law, with a year-on-year decrease of 30.4% in cases of trespass to property, ensuring the safe travel of 235 million passengers; the civil aviation public security organs severely cracked down on various crimes that endangered the order of civil aviation transportation Nearly 80 million passengers felt safe and warm during the trip; the public security organs of CSC further stepped up efforts to crack down on crimes related to rivers, and strictly prevented the rebound of illegal fishing and illegal sand mining during holidays, and served more than 90,000 passenger ferries. Escort.

  During the Spring Festival, affected by the cold air, cooling weather occurred in most parts of my country, low temperature and rainy weather occurred in some parts of the south, and snowfall occurred in some provinces, which had an adverse impact on travel.

Li Guozhong said that the Ministry of Public Security responded quickly, released early warning information in a timely manner, continued to dispatch traffic emergency management work in key areas, and cooperated with transportation, meteorology and other departments to quickly activate emergency mechanisms to strengthen research and early warning.

The railway, civil aviation, and CSC public security organs dynamically grasp the changes in passenger flow, extreme bad weather, delays of trains, flights, and ferries that may cause an instant backlog of passenger flow, and strive to eliminate hidden safety hazards that affect people's travel. Major safety accidents in the jurisdiction "zero" occurred.