It targets new markets during its participation in the exhibition

Estonia: World opportunities converge at Expo Dubai

  • Estonia Pavilion takes visitors on a journey with the digital world.

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  • Daniel Shire: "Estonia's commercial office in Dubai is focused on boosting our exports to the UAE and the region."


The Commissioner-General of the Estonia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Daniel Shire, revealed that there are more than 40 companies represented in the Estonian pavilion participating in the international exhibition, as well as the cities of Tallinn and Tartu, two universities, and other companies, noting that the global event allows A unique opportunity to learn about potential partnerships, and to increase the horizons of trade and economic cooperation with the UAE and international market as well.

Shire added to "Emirates Today" that "Expo Dubai" enhances economic cooperation, and provides identification of opportunities available in various international markets, as it brings the world together, and opens up for countries and companies more opportunities to form partnerships and strengthen ties at various levels.


Shire said that Estonia opened its embassy in the UAE in 2019, and also opened its commercial office in Dubai as part of its efforts to increase and strengthen trade links, considering that the visit of the Estonian President to the UAE in 2019, which included a large trade delegation, highlights the importance of the UAE market for companies dullness.

He added, "Since then, we have witnessed several visits by delegations, many discussions, and Estonia has participated in several exhibitions in the UAE.

This comes within the framework of strengthening relations between the two countries, as we see the UAE as an important center in the region, and we look forward to raising the levels of trade exchange during the coming period.”

Business flexibility

The Commissioner-General of the Estonia Pavilion pointed to the flexibility of the business environment in his country, and the facilities it provides to companies wishing to invest, including the e-residency program, which grants a digital model of residence to applicants, allowing them to establish their companies and conduct their business remotely from anywhere in the world. .

He stressed that Estonia is interested in attracting investors and benefiting from the friendly system for startups, many of which have established their base in his country, due to the ease of doing business.

He added, "Innovation and our educational system are also among the best in the world, and we cooperate with universities to find new and innovative solutions, so reputable companies have been keen to conduct some of their research and innovations in Estonia."

Shire stated that Estonia's commercial office in Dubai focuses on enhancing his country's exports to the UAE and the region's markets, as the UAE offers strong opportunities, being a major market in the region as a whole.

The Estonia pavilion showcases the smart transformation and focuses on a digital and sustainable lifestyle. The first floor of the Estonia pavilion offers a look at the digital world, while the second presents business opportunities with the aim of meeting investors and businessmen.

• 40 companies represented in the Estonian pavilion participating in the international exhibition.

direct flights

The Commissioner-General of Estonia's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Daniel Shire, said that his country will organize, during its national day, as part of the "Expo Dubai" activities this March, programs and events targeting many economic sectors, including investment, tourism and others, noting that there are Discussions in the context of direct flights between the two countries during the coming period.