The international community's pressure on Russia continues.

The US State Department has proposed to the UN Human Rights Council to remove Russia from its membership.

The US Treasury Department, which is leading sanctions against Russia, welcomed South Korea's participation in sanctions against Russia and decided to discuss ways to apply export control exceptions to South Korea.

Correspondent Yunsu Kim will deliver this news from Washington.

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] U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln, speaking at a high-level session of the UN Human Rights Council, accused Russia of creating a serious humanitarian crisis with the attack on Ukraine.

He proposed that Russia be stripped of its membership of the UN Human Rights Council, saying that even now Russia's violations of international law are increasing hourly.

[Blincoln/Secretary of State: One could reasonably ask whether we should allow any UN member to remain on this board who seeks to occupy another UN member state while causing horrific human rights violations and tremendous humanitarian suffering.]

Attending the same meeting Choi Jong-moon, 2nd Vice Foreign Minister, also joined the condemnation of Russia.

[Choi Jong-moon/Second Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Russian invasion clearly violates the UN Charter, and the Korean government strongly condemns it.] The Korean government,

which previously announced measures to participate in its own sanctions against Russia, such as suspending transactions with Russian banks and suspending investment in government bonds, has entered into follow-up consultations with the United States.

Working-level discussions between the two countries have begun in earnest on the application of export control exceptions that do not require US examination when exporting products containing US technology to Russia.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Adeyemo, who oversees sanctions against Russia, said he welcomed South Korea's participation in sanctions and that the two countries agreed to work closely together to respond to Russia in the future.