He had taken advantage of his interim mission, by taking control of parcels.

Over the past month, the heads of La Poste de la Haute-Garonne services have received numerous complaints from customers who are unhappy about not having received their orders online.

More than a hundred packages were missing and they decided to set up a monitoring system.

Appliances, furniture, cash…

Quickly, they realized that a delivery man hired on an interim basis was picking up more packages than he had to take care of.

Warned, the gendarmerie recently arrested him at his home in Saint-Jory.

At the home of this 27-year-old man, the soldiers discovered household appliances, computer and hi-fi equipment, furniture, decorative objects but also 1,000 euros in cash.

During his hearing, the delivery man admitted to being the author of the thefts.

He will have to explain himself to justice next June.

In the meantime, the postal services will try to return their stolen parcels to the recipients.


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