A must-have dessert from McDonald's, the sundae, usually served with a caramel or chocolate topping, is coming in a whole new version.

The fast-food brand has just launched a coriander sundae, reports



A choice that is not unanimous.

In China, the only country where this new dessert is offered, this unusual combination would nevertheless be very popular with McDonald's customers.

But on social networks, many Internet users have expressed their disgust: "This thing doesn't deserve to exist", "Hell...", can we read in the comments of the tweet from McDonald's China.

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A genetic explanation

Often compared to a taste of soap, or even crushed bug, coriander has had a hard time seducing the taste buds of Westerners.

A deep disgust that would have a genetic explanation.

“A specific gene, OR6A2, controls the sensitivity of olfactory and taste receptors to aldehydes.

However, aldehydes are a chemical component found in coriander, but also in soap.

So, if the OR6A2 gene is overexpressed in you, you run the risk of hating coriander and finding it tastes like soap, ”explains, for

20 Minutes

, Dr Philippe Pouillart, nutritionist and teacher-researcher in culinary and health practice. at the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute in Beauvais.

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