Isabella, a Brazilian girl who was born with a very impressed expression and became a hot topic around the world, is a hot topic. 


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This is Isabella, who was born in 2020 and is now two years old, and Mr. Kunstmann, a photographer.

The child has an angry expression with her frown on her face, which is exactly what Kunstmann captured at the hospital two years ago.

Isabella seems to have a big dissatisfaction with the hands of the medical staff.

At that time, her parents hired a photographer, Mr. Kunstmann, to take pictures in order not to miss the first sight of her daughter being born.

When Isabella's current situation was revealed, netizens are happy with one mind.

Isabella's parents said, "There are times when the social atmosphere has subsided due to COVID-19, and the atmosphere at home is also gloomy, but each time her daughter's angry face brings a smile to her face."

Netizens commented, "The expression on the newborn baby's face is like the expression on my grandmother's face when it's uncomfortable ^^", "It can be so cute!

May he grow up healthy like this.”

(Screen source: Kunstmann SNS)