Screenshot of the WeChat public account of "Chinese Embassy in Cambodia"

  China News Service, Phnom Penh, February 28 (Reporter Ouyang Kaiyu) According to the WeChat public account of the "Chinese Embassy in Cambodia", the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia is highly concerned about the "blood slave" case reported on the Internet, and is urging the Cambodian police to arrest the "blood slave" case in February. After the case was filed on the 15th, we continued to follow up the progress of the case.

On February 28, the Cambodian police notified the embassy of the preliminary investigation results and issued an announcement, confirming that the so-called "blood slave" case was purely fabricated.

  According to the internal reports and announcements of the Cambodian police, Chinese citizen Li Yayuanlun came to Cambodia smuggling, and later contracted a serious liver disease and contacted a local social organization for help.

For different purposes, three people successively assisted Li to fabricate and publicize fake news that he was illegally detained, abused and acted as a "blood slave", misleading public opinion and seriously affecting social order.

The next step will be to transfer the case to Cambodian judicial organs for trial.

  The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia calls on Chinese citizens in Cambodia to abide by the laws of China and Cambodia, protect their rights rationally, and not to fabricate rumors and deceive the public.

  The embassy said that the next step will continue to follow up the trial of this case, protect the legitimate rights and interests of relevant parties under the legal framework of China and Cambodia, support and cooperate with local law enforcement agencies, and continue to increase the number of online gambling fraud and related crimes involving Chinese citizens. We will crack down on rectification efforts and effectively ensure the safety of life and property of Chinese citizens in Cambodia.