China News Agency, Beijing, February 28. China's State Council Information Office released the "2021 Report on Human Rights Violations in the United States" on the 28th, exposing the truth of human rights violations in the United States.

  The report is divided into preface, manipulating epidemic prevention and control to pay a heavy price, clinging to violent thinking threatens life and safety, playing with false democracy and trampling on political rights, indulging in racial discrimination to exacerbate social injustice, deviating from humanitarianism to create immigration crisis, and abuse of force to sanction and violate human rights in other countries. Seven parts.

  In 2021, the human rights situation in the U.S., which has a bad track record, will further deteriorate, the report said.

Political manipulation has led to a surge in the number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia, shooting incidents have caused a record high, false democracy has trampled on people's political rights, violent law enforcement has made the situation of immigrants and refugees even more difficult, and discrimination against ethnic minorities, especially Asians, has intensified.

At the same time, US unilateralism has created new humanitarian disasters around the world.

  The report stated that the United States has paid a heavy price for manipulating the epidemic prevention and control.

The United States has the most advanced medical equipment and technology in the world, but it has become the country with the highest number of new coronary pneumonia infections and deaths in the world.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the United States, the prevention and control of the epidemic has always been highly politicized. Politicians only focus on political self-interest, but ignore the lives and health of the people.

  The report shows that America's clinging to violent thinking threatens life.

There will be 693 mass shootings in the United States in 2021, a 10.1 percent increase from 2020.

The shooting caused a large number of casualties and posed a major threat to public safety.

  The report pointed out that the United States played with false democracy and trampled on political rights.

The nationwide primaries for presidential elections are completely rigged by the rich, famous, the media, and interest groups, and the presidential candidates voted for by the people often don't really represent the will of the people.

Despite its own democratic practice and international image, the U.S. government has held a high-profile so-called "Leaders Democracy Summit", politicized and instrumentalized democracy, engaged in electing sides, forming cliques, and dividing the world.

  The report emphasizes that the indulgence of racial discrimination in the United States exacerbates social injustice.

The deep-rooted racist "virus" in the United States has spread together with the new crown pneumonia virus, anti-Asian hate crimes have occurred frequently, discrimination against Muslim groups has continued unabated, racial persecution of indigenous peoples continues, and the racial economic divide continues to widen. Racial inequality is growing.

  The report believes that the United States deviates from humanitarianism to create an immigration crisis.

The immigrant and refugee crisis has become a political tool for partisan criticism and political struggles in the United States. The government has changed decrees, violent law enforcement, and immigrant groups have been subjected to inhumane treatment such as extended detention, torture and forced labor.

  According to the report, the United States has abused its use of force to sanction violations of human rights in other countries.

The United States has always pursued hegemonism, unilateralism and interventionism, challenged justice with its might, trampled on justice with its own interests, and wantonly violated the human rights of other countries. It has become the biggest obstacle and destroyer of the healthy development of the international human rights cause.