U.S. students call for gun policy reform: Four classmates have been killed in shootings

  Overseas Network, February 27. A student at Oxford High School in Michigan, USA joined others in calling for gun reform in front of the state capitol on Wednesday (23), and she shared her experience on the day of the Oxford High School shooting last November. , the shooting killed four of her classmates.

  According to a report by the Dutch Sentinel in Michigan, on the 26th, Zoe Touray of Oxford High School said that when the shooting occurred, she escaped from the classroom window, holding the hand of the friend who was shot, while at the same time Texting his own mother in fear that she loves her.

“I can still think of hundreds of familiar faces running around me, fleeing for their lives, when the grocery store became our refuge,” recalls Toure.

"The next day I got news of my friend Justin's passing."

  On November 30 last year, there was a shooting at Oxford High School in Detroit, Michigan, USA. In addition to four of Toure's classmates were killed, several other students and a teacher were also shot dead.

Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old high school sophomore, has since been charged with murder, terrorism and other charges stemming from the shooting.

The parents, who are facing manslaughter charges, are accused of letting their son use a firearm and failing to intervene after their son showed signs of mental distress and violent thoughts.

  Local gun violence prevention groups spoke about gun violence and called on the legislature to approve the gun reform bill.

However, the relevant U.S. House of Representatives committees did not comment on whether the relevant bill will be discussed.

Toure said she and other classmates were traumatized after the shooting, and some were unable to return to school.

She said that if lawmakers had acted sooner in the best interests of students, her friends would have celebrated birthdays and graduations instead of "overwhelmed by pain and grief every minute."

"We need to be proactive, not reactive. Our legislators have the power to save the next school and the lives of countless children," Toure said.

"We should feel safe in school." (Hou Xingchuan, Overseas Network)