Grass-roots cadres have enough power for rural revitalization (new observation of cadre status)

  Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Comprehensively Promoting the Key Work of Rural Revitalization in 2022", proposing to uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership over the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".

Looking back to 2021, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core insists on solving the "three rural issues" as the top priority of the whole party's work, insists on giving priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, firmly stabilizes the basic foundation of agriculture, and comprehensively promotes the realization of rural revitalization. Good start.

  We will strengthen the implementation of the same responsibilities between the party and the government, and effectively ensure the stability of the supply of important agricultural products.

Last year, for the first time, the central government listed grain output at more than 1.3 trillion kilograms as the main expected goal of economic and social development, and all localities tightened their responsibility for grain production, creating a good situation for five-level secretaries to grasp grain.

  The achievements of poverty alleviation have been continuously consolidated and expanded, and an effective connection mechanism has been established.

At present, 33 linking policies for finance, land talents, and industrial employment have all been introduced. 160 key counties for national rural revitalization have been identified in various regions, and 563,000 village cadres have completed their rotation. The baton of rural revitalization has been successfully handed over.

  The thriving countryside is inseparable from the grassroots cadres under the leadership of the party.

In 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the "Regulations on the Rural Work of the Communist Party of China", which provided basic guidelines for upholding and strengthening the party's overall leadership over rural work. In particular, it clarified the leadership responsibility of five-level secretaries for rural revitalization, and will strengthen the rural party's leadership. Construction is one of the main tasks of the party's rural work. It is proposed to focus on improving organizational strength, highlighting political functions, and building rural grassroots party organizations into propaganda of the party's propositions, implementation of the party's decisions, leadership at the grassroots level governance, unity and mobilization of the masses, A strong fighting fortress to promote reform and development.

The Law on the Promotion of Rural Revitalization requires "to build a team of agricultural and rural cadres who understand agriculture, love the countryside, and love farmers". specific deployment.

  In recent years, in order to encourage rural cadres to take responsibility, various localities have successively introduced relevant supporting systems, selected a group of outstanding cadres to the front-line positions of rural revitalization, selected the best and strong village party organization secretaries, and paid attention to the education and training of village cadres. In 2020, 23.7 Ten thousand newly selected village cadres and newly appointed village cadres have all been trained in rotation.

At the same time, strengthen the incentive guarantee for village cadres, establish a stable operation fund guarantee system for village-level organizations based on financial input, and encourage cadres to work with peace of mind and take responsibility.

  The key to rural revitalization lies in people.

At the Central Rural Work Conference at the end of last year, it was proposed that leading cadres in the field of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" should promptly improve their skills in "agriculture, rural areas and farmers".

"Entering into 2022, the comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization will move from planning the layout to the specific implementation stage, which will test the ability level of the 'agriculture, rural areas and farmers' system." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that a very important point is to build excellent cadres. The team works hard.

In terms of working methods, the starting point is to build for farmers and to thrive for the countryside, to focus on quantity subject to quality, progress to actual results, and to seek good rather than fast, and to take measures to local conditions and respect for objective reality as the foothold, and firmly establish a grand view of history. , maintain historical patience.

The next step is to hold special seminars and training courses at different levels and categories, organize and carry out cadre training, effectively improve the work skills of leading cadres in the field of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", and promote rural development, rural construction, and rural development in a solid and orderly manner. Governance priorities.

  Our reporter Yu Jingxian