Former Prime Minister Suga of the Liberal Democratic Party is considering setting up a study session to realize the policy set forth by his administration, and from members close to Mr. Suga, a new group of members will be gathered and a future faction will be formed. There are also expectations.

Even after the resignation of the Prime Minister, the former Prime Minister of the Liberal Democratic Party has been actively engaged in activities such as supporting local elections and appearing in the media. It shows the idea of ​​setting up a study session for the realization of.

The Liberal Democratic Party has set a goal of 1 million times a day over Mr. Suga, has promoted vaccination with the new corona vaccine, and is having difficulty in coordinating election cooperation with the Komeito for the upper house election in the summer. There is an opinion that evaluates Mr. Suga's ability to connect with the support group.

For this reason, it is hoped that the establishment of a policy study group will lead to the rallying of new parliamentary groups and future factions from members of the Diet who are close to Mr. Suga and some of the Nikai and Moriyama factions who supported the Suga administration. There is also a voice.

Mr. Suga himself has shown a negative attitude toward the formation of a faction, but he has told the people around him that he wants to set up a study session by the upper house election, and future trends are likely to be watched.