The director of the Institut Montaigne, a liberal think-tank, Laurent Bigorgne will be tried before the Paris Criminal Court, suspected of having drugged a collaborator without his knowledge during a party, the prosecution said on Saturday.

At the end of his police custody which began on Friday, Laurent Bigorgne was the subject of a summons by report on March 10 before the court for "administration of a harmful substance followed by incapacity not exceeding eight days by a person acting under the manifest influence of narcotics”.

Invited to the home of Laurent Bigorgne, one of his collaborators, aged about forty, filed a complaint overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, after an early evening spent in his company.

According to

Le Parisien

, she told police that she suddenly felt ill after drinking a glass of champagne and went straight to a hospital where she was told she had symptoms of drug abuse.

MDMA, a disinhibiting drug

According to a toxicological report from the complainant, she was positive for MDMA, a synthetic drug from the amphetamine family also called ecstasy.

He, according to the complainant, would have taken cocaine.

MDMA, which can notably be diluted in a drink, is consumed for the feeling of energy and euphoria it provides and its disinhibiting effect.

In particular, it causes an increase in heart rate and palpitations and lowers alertness.

Laurent Bigorgne has headed the Institut Montaigne since 2011. Created in 2000, this think tank of liberal inspiration, which brings together business leaders, senior civil servants, academics, regularly produces studies and reports, in particular addressed to the public authorities. .

Miscellaneous facts

Paris: The director of the Institut Montaigne placed in police custody for "administration of a harmful substance"


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