From Vilnius, Belarusians in exile contest the constitutional referendum and Russia

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Belarusian opponent Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in Vilnius, Lithuania, on February 27.


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This Sunday, February 27, Belarusians were called to the polls to approve a new Constitution, highly contested by the opposition.

Abroad, they could not vote.

In Vilnius, Lithuania, they gathered to protest against this referendum, but above all because they are now caught between Ukraine and Russia.


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From our correspondent in Vilnius


Marielle Vitureau

Gathered in Lukiskiu Square, a very symbolic square in the Lithuanian capital, the Belarusians found an original way to vote against this referendum which wants to impose Lukashenko until 2035 at the head of the country.

Veronika surveys the square with a canvas, a needle and red thread.


People cross-stitch the fabric, one stitch is against the referendum, the other against the dictators

 ,” she says.

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In Belarus, embroidery has always been a way of self-expression over time, even in the 21st century.

Veronika is sorry for the situation in which Alexander Lukashenko has thrown his country.


He let the Russians occupy our country and fight from home.

And now he will send Belarusian soldiers to fight against Ukraine.

It's totally insane

 , ”she continues.

In front of the Belarusian consulate, which is still open, the slogans against Putin are furious.

Yahor, who arrived with his wife a few months ago in Vilnius, does not want to let himself be demoralized.

I use social networks to spread information, because in my hometown, people are deprived of real information about what is happening in Ukraine

 ," he explains.

In a press conference, Svetlana Tikhanovskaïa, the opponent refugee in Vilnius, called to continue the fight today and the following days.


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