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In the heart of London, England, a studded mosaic of the Roman Empire from 1,800 years ago was discovered.

It was discovered during the construction of a parking lot in front of the famous 72-story 'The Shard' in London, and experts estimate that it may have been a huge decoration on the floor of the accommodation here in the past.

The mosaic is composed of a 'guilosi' pattern reminiscent of large and colorful flowers.

Guillosi is a representative pattern of Greek and Roman architecture and mosaics.

Coins, jewelry, and ornaments were also found near the mosaic during the Roman Empire, leading to speculation that the area may have been a residence for the wealthy in the past.

Netizens responded, "Europe finds relics when you dig in the ground. I'm envious.", "It looks so beautiful now, but what was it like back then? It's mysterious!"