On the 25th, the Liberal Democratic Party Aso faction, including former general affairs chairman Tsutomu Sato, withdrew from the party and became the power of the second to third factions within the party.

Former Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Tsutomu Sato met with Deputy Governor Aso, the chairman of the Aso faction, in the Diet on the afternoon of the 25th, and announced his intention to withdraw from the faction.

At the meeting, Mr. Nobu Mihokawa, Deputy Chairman of the British Association, and Hideki Niwa, the former Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, also attended and announced their intention to withdraw. Was accepted.

Mr. Sato has been elected to the 4th district of Tochigi in the House of Representatives nine times, and has served as Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and chairman of the Diet measures committee. Was serving.

In addition, he was close to the former Prime Minister Suga, such as serving as the party's general affairs chairman in the Suga administration, and in the presidential election last year, he supported Mr. Suga and the head of public relations headquarters Kono.

After this, Mr. Sato told reporters, "It means that each of the four people filed a withdrawal notice at their own discretion and made a dent."

After that, when asked about future cooperation with Mr. Suga, he said, "I talked to Mr. Suga in advance, but I did not make a decision because Mr. Suga told me. It is completely blank." ..

With the withdrawal of four members, the Aso faction has 49 members, and has become a force from the second to third factions within the party.