U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigates allegations that Musk and his brother have violated a ban on insider trading over the sale of shares announced on Twitter last year by CEO Elon Musk of American electric car maker Tesla. The leading local newspaper reported that it started.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the 24th that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has insider trading with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his younger brother Kimbal Musk. It means that we are investigating on suspicion of violating the prohibited regulations.

Last November, CEO Musk actually sold his stake after selling his Tesla stake and calling for a vote on Twitter to pay taxes.

The day before the call for a vote, it was revealed that his younger brother, Kimbal Musk, had sold 108 million dollars, worth more than 12 billion yen in Japanese yen, and the authorities said that his younger brother voted from Musk CEO. He heard the plan and suspected that he had sold the shares in advance.

"My brother didn't know I was voting on Twitter," Musk denied allegations in an interview with the Financial Times in the United Kingdom.