Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung and People's Strength presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol once again engaged in a fierce battle over the alleged development of Daejangdong.

At the turn of the 'initiative debate' of the second court TV debate hosted by the National Election Broadcasting and Debate Committee, which is being held from 8 pm on the 25th, candidate Yoon turned to Lee and said, "I brought a signboard from the last debate and called 'He' “He talked about the incumbent Supreme Court Justice while referring to his real name, not himself.”

Candidate Yoon also pointed out, "Yoon Seok-yeol, who claimed that I was a torso, said to apologize, but yesterday that Supreme Court Justice interviewed me, and this was completely different, so in fact, these allegations turned out to be completely false."

Then, referring to the 'Daejang-dong Documents' announced today that Won Hee-ryong, the head of the policy department for the National Hee-him predecessor, obtained it, he said, "If you look at these things together, (Lee) is saying 'Lies, lies', but isn't it different from what he's been talking about?" pointed out.

In response, Candidate Lee countered, "It's really Candidate Yoon's problem. It was Candidate Yoon who helped them."

Then, Candidate Yoon said, "I'm called a torso, did I serve as the mayor of Seongnam, the governor of Gyeonggi, or did I eat sushi with an official card?" He said, "Somewhere out of the way, it's as if Lee Wan-yong sold his country to Ahn Jung-geun. It's the same story as saying," he strongly protested.

Then, he added, "I'm sitting down to the old sword in Daegu, how can I become a torso? Use common sense and say things that make sense."

Also, referring to the transcript, he said, "Isn't it obvious that Lee Jae-myung is the torso of Mayor Lee Jae-myung who designed, planned and stamped everything?"

Candidate Lee then fired back, saying, "Busan Savings Bank is a general loan, but why did you only look at loans to Daejang-dong while prosecuting other things?" and "Why did you buy coffee for Jo Woo-hyung? Why did you drink it?"

He also warned, "Candidate Yoon lies when he opens his mouth. The details of Gyeonggi business promotion expenses are still open on the Internet. Don't lie like that."

Candidate Lee said, "If there is a large-scale corruption, it is the offender, and what is related is the person who helped the offender," he said.

Then, he emphasized, "I did nothing and caused damage. I returned 580 billion won," and emphasized, "You shouldn't lie like this. Didn't you make a profit by selling your father's house?"

Today's court TV debate hosted by the National Election Broadcasting and Debate Committee is the second held since the 21st, and will be held once more on the 2nd of next month (Wednesday) on the social field.