Arthur de Laborde 11:41 a.m., February 24, 2022

The LR primary which nominated Valérie Pécresse as presidential candidate was marred by "fraudulent maneuvers" aimed at inflating the electorate, the daily "Liberation" said on Wednesday.

Allegations to which the main concerned responded on Wednesday evening, denouncing a "grotesque destabilization campaign".

The LR primary which nominated Valérie Pécresse as presidential candidate was tainted with "fraudulent maneuvers" aimed at inflating the electorate, said the daily Liberation on Wednesday, which speaks of fictitious or deceased members, even of a dog in the files.

Wednesday evening on BFMTV, Valérie Pécresse denounced a "grotesque destabilization campaign" after the publication by


of an investigation evoking suspicions of fraud in Congress Les Républicains.

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The candidate tried to put out the fire because for her, it was out of the question to leave room for the slightest doubt about the victory which launched her in the race for the Elysee Palace last December.

"The truth about this ballot is that there are fewer people who were registered than people who were able to vote. There were three codes, they checked three times. All that is pure controversy. If it was true my opponents would have criticized it, "she said.

"Unfounded allegations" according to LR

By going through the list of Les Républicains members,


nevertheless claims to have found fictitious members, dead people, and even a dog… “Approximations”, “innuendos” and “unfounded allegations”, replied the party in a press release announcing referral to the Paris public prosecutor against the daily.


- Valérie Pécresse in recovery operation in the face of her free fall in the polls

Between the defections in his camp, the criticisms on his meeting at the zenith of Paris, and the absence of formal support from Nicolas Sarkozy, the hard blows accumulate for Valérie Pécresse these last two weeks.

She is also clearly on a downward slope in all the polls.