At the LDP faction meetings on the 24th, there were a series of welcoming opinions about the approval of the opposition Democratic Party for the People's Democratic Party in the House of Representatives' decision on the budget for the new year = Reiwa 4th year, while the coalition government with the Komeito party It was also pointed out that it should not affect the framework of.

In this, former Prime Minister Abe said, "We welcome the credibility of the budget proposal by having as many political parties as possible agree."

Deputy Governor Aso pointed out, "We welcome the widening of support. It should be evaluated as the appearance of the Diet."

Secretary-general Mogi said, "I would like to evaluate the response of the Democratic Party for the People. If there are any policy proposals or suggestions in the future, of course, we must respond sincerely."

Mr. Moriyama, the former chairman of the Diet, said, "Agreement with the opposition has great political significance," while the Democratic Party for the People's Democratic Party is calling for the so-called "trigger clause" to be lifted as a measure against soaring crude oil prices. "When the clause is applied, it has a significant impact on local financial resources and should be cautious," he said.

In addition, Mr. Endo, the chairman of the Election Countermeasures Committee, said, "I am grateful that there is a political party that agrees with me, but I do not think that it will be the next development at once. Based on this, I would like to work toward the summer Upper House election. "