China Weather Network News Recently, the south has experienced continuous wet and cold rainy and snowy weather. Some netizens complained that "Guangdong becomes wider and frozen" and "true magic attacks continue to be output", and the friends in the north also feel the coldness of the three nines... Tomorrow Starting on the 24th, my country's weather will finally usher in a major turning point. The north and south of the river will gradually warm up, the north will leave the cold winter for a while, and the south will stage a major reversal of cold and warm temperatures. The cumulative temperature rise in many places exceeds 15°C.

The national warming map is released to see who has a big reversal

  According to Hu Xiao, chief meteorological analyst at China Weather Network, this nationwide warming process involves a wide range of areas and has a large temperature rise.

From February 23rd to 25th, the north will set off a wave of new high temperatures; after the 24th, the southern region will enter a stage of general rise in temperature. is a rise of 15°C and above.

  The "National Warming Map" launched by China Weather Network shows that from the 24th to the 28th, the temperature in the Northeast will rise steadily, the highest temperature in the three provincial capital cities will return to above freezing point, the earth will warm up, and the ice and snow will first melt; Beijing and Tianjin , Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, and Henan will also make great strides in warming up, with the highest temperature exceeding 10 °C, leaving the cold winter. This starts the spring process.

The National Warming Contest kicks off, and the North experiences "immediate results" heating up

  Hu Xiao introduced that in this round of warming, the northern group took the lead in warming up on February 23. From the 24th to the 25th, the temperature in North China, Northeast China, Huanghuai and other places hit new highs one after another. It will have the warmest day since 2022.

  At that time, under the warm sun in winter, the highest temperature in Zhengzhou will reach 16°C, Xi'an and Shijiazhuang will be 14°C, and Beijing and Tianjin are also expected to hit 11°C. Compared with the highest temperature around 0°C last week, the body will feel much more comfortable. .

  Hu Xiao reminded that due to the weak cold air, the temperature in most parts of the north will drop from the evening of the 25th to the 26th, but the overall drop will not be large. Pay attention to changing clothes in time.

The south welcomes "compensatory" warming, and the temperature in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places will return to 20℃+

  From February 24th, with the return of the sun, the temperature in the southern region has begun to rise significantly, and the "compensatory" heating will gradually be turned on, which will achieve a great reversal of cold and warm temperatures. Spring is blooming.

  After the 26th, the temperature in many places in the south will successively hit new highs this year. The highest temperature in Nanchang, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Kunming, Fuzhou and Guangzhou will all reach above 20℃.

From this weekend to the beginning of next week, most of the south will present a picture of spring. Compared with the wet, cold, rainy and snowy weather in the past few days, there may be a sense of "overnight across seasons".

  Guangdong netizens jokingly said that Guangdong has four seasons a week, and the feeling of crossing is full.

China Weather Network has compiled the recent highest temperature data in Guangzhou and found that the highest temperature in Guangzhou will complete the leap from 6.9 ℃ to 27 ℃, and the cumulative temperature rise exceeds 20 ℃, which can be called "spring, summer, autumn and winter".

  Hu Xiao also reminded that the characteristics of this round of warming in the south are that the temperature rises sharply, but the maximum temperature rises quickly, and the minimum temperature rises relatively slowly.

After this wave of warming, many places in the south may start the process of spring, and it is time for my friends to welcome spring.

(Design/Ren Chengying Liu Hongxin Data Support/Hu Xiao)