China News Agency, Beijing, February 23. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met by video on the 22nd in Beijing with the co-chairs of the 76th UN General Assembly Security Council Reform Intergovernmental Negotiation Mechanism, the Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations, and the Permanent Representative of Denmark to the United Nations. United Nations representative Herman.

  Wang Yi said that the Security Council is the core of the international collective security mechanism.

In the current turbulent international environment, the Security Council needs to improve its capacity and efficiency through reform and better fulfill its responsibilities under the UN Charter.

China has always supported the reasonable and necessary reform of the Security Council and has been making constructive efforts to this end.

  Wang Yi said that the reform of the Security Council should give priority to increasing the representation and voice of developing countries, so that more countries, especially small and medium-sized countries, have more opportunities to participate in the decision-making of the Security Council. This is both the original intention and the direction of the reform of the Security Council.

  Wang Yi stressed that the reform of the Security Council is a systematic project, and a package of solutions must be adhered to, taking into account the five major categories of issues involved in the reform.

The reform must build consensus, insist that it is led by member states, reflects the consensus of member states, and the results are accepted by member states.

It is necessary to maintain its status as the main channel for intergovernmental negotiations.

  Wang Yi expressed the hope that the two co-chairs will proceed from the long-term development of the United Nations and the common interests of all member states, guide all parties to enhance their understanding of each other's positions, and promote the reform of the Security Council to move forward in a stable and healthy way in the right direction.

  Arsani and Herman appreciated China's efforts to safeguard multilateralism and strengthen the role of the United Nations, and congratulated the Beijing Winter Olympics on the complete success.

He expressed that the reform of the Security Council is complex and sensitive, and will continue to adhere to the leadership of member states, fully listen to the opinions of member states, and strive to expand consensus and reduce differences.

We are willing to strengthen communication and coordination with member states including China, and steadily advance the reform process of the Security Council.