The Vienna negotiations on a revival of the Iran nuclear deal are coming to an end.

After statements from various sides, it will now be decided whether the largely negotiated text will be accepted or whether the negotiations will be broken off.

The statements suggest that this will be the case next week at the latest.

According to agency reports, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian said on Wednesday in Tehran: "The nuclear talks in Vienna have reached a sensitive and important point." There are still a few points on which serious rapprochement by the West is necessary.

Stephen Lowenstein

Political correspondent based in Vienna.

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The Russian negotiator Mikhail Ulyanov had previously said on Twitter that the Vienna talks were in their "final phase".

“Intensive consultations” were taking place.

He, Ulyanov, had a "useful and businesslike meeting" with colleagues from E3 (Germany, France and Great Britain) on Tuesday.

The Russian representative's reference to the practicality and usefulness of his meeting with the E3 should also be read in the context of tensions over the Ukraine conflict.

In Vienna, other participants regularly describe Russia as a constructive negotiating partner.

That still seems to be the case, but the diplomatic "overall weather situation" is likely to increase the time pressure even more.

It's about the 2015 agreement, called the JCPoA, which imposes tight limitations and controls on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

The United States initially “withdrew” from this in 2018, and as a result Iran increasingly ignored its conditions.

The Americans are negotiating indirectly, the E3, Russia and China are sitting at the table with Iran, chaired by the EU.

Only a few questions still need to be decided, naturally these are the most difficult.

The envisaged agreement is said to deal exclusively with the JCPoA, but other bilateral issues could play a role in the negotiations, such as the question of a prisoner swap between Tehran and Washington.