• Separation The Infanta Cristina and Urdangarin separate: "The obsession" that put the Crown in check

  • Reactions This is Ainhoa ​​Armentia, Urdangarin's co-worker with whom he has fallen in love

Iñaki Urdangarin and Ainhoa ​​Armentia

are no longer hiding


After the earthquake caused by the photos of the former Duke of Palma and his office mate holding hands on a French beach, a


has now confirmed that

the relationship, far from being fleeting, is being consolidated

and that, after the press release from the interruption of the marriage with the Infanta Cristina, reconciliation

seems impossible


It has been



who has published the image

of the couple's kiss in a yoga center

in Vitoria where they go together.

The photo, taken through translucent glass, captures the moment

they kiss goodbye as a couple in love at the

Sanatana Dharma school reception before he walked out with a bag she brought to his arrival.

Gestures that confirm that the still husband of the Infanta and his friend intend to

normalize their relationship


Shortly after, according to the same publication,

they left together last weekend

to an unknown destination.

It was on Friday February 18 when they left to enjoy two days together, away from Vitoria.

They returned on Sunday afternoon, he to his mother's house and she to his father's, where he has lived since the scandal broke.

Therefore, any hint of reconciliation between Urdangarin and King Felipe's sister is closed, a possibility that was raised after the recent meeting of the couple in Barcelona, ​​where they agreed to see their son Pablo.

The Infanta traveled with her daughter Irene from Geneva and he did the same from Vitoria.

She settled in the Pedralbes area while he

stayed at the house of his sister Ana


The meeting took place three weeks after they met in Geneva and gave way to rumors of a possible reconciliation.

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The reality, however, is quite different.

The Infanta Cristina, according to the magazine


, which cites sources from the environment of the King's sister,

is very hurt

and is not going to take a step back in her

decision to divorce

her husband.

Shortly before meeting in Barcelona, ​​the Infanta traveled to Abu Dhabi to meet her father, King Juan Carlos, and communicate her decision.

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Separation The Infanta Cristina and Urdangarin separate: "The obsession" that put the Crown in check

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