Headlines: Joe Biden's sanctions against Russia, effective or not?

US President Joe Biden during an address from the White House, Tuesday, February 22, 2022. AP - Alex Brandon

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The sanctions announced by US President Joe Biden are obviously heavily commented on in the press.


Washington Post

welcomes the decision of the American president.

Sanctions are an adequate response to Russia tightening its grip on Ukraine.

The question now is whether the sanctions will be effective or not.


New York Times

doubts it.

The Russian president has made his country more autonomous from an economic and financial point of view, the newspaper believes.

This is why sanctions may not have the desired effect and may not be able to deter Vladimir Putin from pursuing his military plans in Ukraine.  

The decriminalization of abortion in Latin America: the example of Colombia  

The legalization of abortion up to the 24th week of pregnancy in Colombia, decided by the Constitutional Court last Monday, is causing reactions in other Latin American countries.

For example in Brazil, where abortion is prohibited, except in cases of rape or danger to the life of the mother.

According to

Folha de Sao Paulo

, the chances of liberalizing abortion are very slim.

It is essentially linked to the conservative majority in Congress which blocks any attempt to decriminalize abortion.

On the contrary, certain deputies wish to toughen the current legislation, by prohibiting for example the abortion even in the event of rape.

Folha de Sao Paulo

recalls that these parliamentarians are close to the Evangelical Church which, like the Catholic Church, categorically refuses that the current law on abortion, which dates from 1940, be modified.

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Lula wants to get closer to evangelicals  

The influence of the Pentecostal churches is also being felt in the presidential campaign in Brazil with the very probable candidate Lula who is seeking to get closer to evangelical voters.

And with this objective, the Workers' Party called on a pastor, a certain Paulo Marcelo Schallenberger, whose mission is to explain to the faithful that the PT is not the incarnation of 

the “anti-Christ 


In Brazilian evangelical circles, continues

Folha de Sao Paulo

, the left is often criticized for its positions deemed too progressive.

Hence this operation of seduction which must, among other things, remind the Protestant faithful that it was under the presidency of Lula, in the 2000s, that the Evangelical Church spread to Brazil.  

Record deportations of Haitians under the Biden administration   

This is a surprising number to say the least: the Biden administration has already expelled more than 20,000 Haitian migrants, as many as previous administrations in 20 years.

This is the front page of Le


which also devotes its editorial to this subject.

The data comes from an American NGO, the Quixote Center.

According to the Haitian newspaper, President Joe Biden therefore broke " 

all deportation records

 ", not to mention the fact that approximately 8,000 additional Haitians " 


" to return to Mexico in September of last year, according to the US government.


No Haitian politician has taken a position on the way the expulsions are going 

,” writes

Le Nouvelliste

, who believes that a wall “ 

separates our politicians from this problem with a powerful friend 


The Martissant district, where “the horror is normalizing”  

Another major problem in Haiti, insecurity, made the front page of the


agency .

The Haitian NGO Action Internationale pour les Droits Humains is very concerned about the increase in crime, including kidnappings, in the country.

In a report quoted by Alterpresse, the organization estimates that more than 900 people were kidnapped last year.

A common practice especially in Martissant, a district of Port-au-Prince still controlled by armed gangs.

Le Nouvelliste

publishes a report on this area where “ 

the horror is normalizing 

”, as the newspaper writes.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry had promised to regain control of Martissant, a promise not yet fulfilled, notes

Le Nouvelliste


The government has also not cleared the road that crosses the district, and which connects the capital to the regions of the Great South.

As a result, banditry is still very present there.

According to a truck driver, either you have to pay for the passage or you get kidnapped.  


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