Vaccine coordinator Mikael Sars was worried that the willingness to vaccinate would fall when the restrictions were removed on 9 February, and so it has been.

During weeks 2 and 3, just over 13,000 doses were given per week.

During week 7, just over 4,700 doses were given.

- There are about 60,000 people in Västmanland who have received dose 2 but have not yet reached dose 3, says Mikael Sars.

The spread of infection continues 

According to the vaccine coordinator, the spread of infection is still high, but since very few get tested, most cases are not registered.

Without restrictions, Mikael Sars believes that it is easy to forget that vaccine protection has an expiry date. 

- The protection of vaccines against infection with Omikron fades after three months and disappears almost completely after five to six months.

If you strengthen with a refill dose (dose 3), you get a protection of about 50% against infection for 10 weeks, he says.

The fourth dose

This week, the fourth dose began to be given in Västmanland.

Vaccination of those born in 1942 or earlier has already begun.

Those over 80 who have not yet received the vaccine will be contacted shortly.

- Everyone who has home care, home health care or lives at SÄBO is also offered dose 4 now.

The process has started, but it takes a week or so before you have had time to vaccinate them, says Mikael Sars.