The ongoing clash between government forces and pro-Russian rebels in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine continues to cause damage.

According to Bloomberg News, Ukrainian energy company DITEC announced yesterday (22nd) that a power plant in the Schastyye region of eastern Ukraine's Lugansk Oblast had been damaged by continuous shelling.

At least 11,500 people were affected as electricity and heating were cut off in and around the area in the aftermath, the company said.

Detectec has restored some electricity with a spare line, but there is not enough electricity to supply all households, adding that "there is a problem with heating and there is a shortage of water."

However, no casualties were reported from the shelling at the plant, and it's unclear where the shelling came from, Bloomberg said.

On the 21st, a local natural gas processing plant was damaged by shells fired from rebel zones.

Ukraine's largest state oil and gas company, Naftogas, said the bombing cut off gas supplies to the region, but said the bombed natural gas processing plant was not connected to a major facility sending Russian gas to Europe.

In the Donetsk region, there was also a large explosion at the broadcasting station.

Russian news agency Sputnik reported that an explosive detonated in the Donetsk TV center area past midnight today.

Daniil Bezonov, acting minister of intelligence for the Donetsk People's Republic of Donetsk, said the explosion was considered a terrorist attack.

He said there were no casualties in the explosion, but he said it was "a warning that there will be follow-up attacks on journalists."

As the clash between government forces and pro-Russian rebels continues, casualties are rising.

Germany's dpa news agency, citing the Ukrainian military's announcement yesterday, reported that two government soldiers were killed and 18 seriously injured in the rebel attack, and one rebel soldier was also killed and three injured.

The news agency also reported that one civilian was killed and five injured in Novorugansk in the Donetsk region, and one civilian was also injured in Lugansk.

(Photo=AP, provided by the Ukraine Ministry of Emergency Situation, Yonhap News)