China News Service, Beijing, February 22. On the 22nd, the Supreme People's Court held a press conference and issued the "People's Court Online Operation Rules".

Xu Jianfeng, director of the Information Center of the Supreme People's Court, introduced that this is another important document issued by the Supreme People's Court after the "Online Litigation Rules of the People's Courts" and "Online Mediation Rules of the People's Courts", which will be the first in the world to build a comprehensive and systematic Internet judicial rules system.

Data map: The picture shows the Supreme People's Court.

Photo by Li Huisi

  According to reports, the "Rules for the Online Operation of People's Courts" will be officially implemented from March 1, 2022. It consists of 45 articles in 5 parts, covering the basic principles and scope of application of the online operation of the people's courts. Requirements for the construction, application, operation and management of information systems for online judicial activities.

  Xu Jianfeng mentioned that the rules clarified the platforms and application methods that the people's courts rely on for various online activities, including user registration management, login and identity authentication, online mediation, online case filing, online fee payment, online material submission, etc. The application methods of various subjects in the whole process are archived to meet the needs of the people in the whole process of online litigation and mediation.

  "Article 33 of the rules makes it clear that 'the parties and their agents may, in accordance with the principles of law, voluntariness, and reasonableness, transfer litigation, mediation and other links from online to offline, or from offline to online; people The online operation mode of the court supports some participants to participate in litigation, mediation and other activities online and other participants offline, so as to protect the litigation rights of the parties."

Data map: Photo by Xu Zhiyi in the first remote trial of 5G

  In addition, the rules clarify the operation guarantee requirements for information security, operation and maintenance of the people's courts.

It clarifies the requirements of the people's courts for online operation of network security, data security, and personal information protection, and particularly emphasizes the relevant requirements for user information protection.

  For example, Article 34 of the rules clearly states that people's courts at all levels are required to "establish and improve user information protection mechanisms"; Article 35 specifies that "People's courts at all levels shall follow the principles of 'safety, necessity, and minimum scope' to achieve data sharing and Security management and control to ensure that personal privacy, personal information, business secrets, confidential business information, trial enforcement work secrets and other data in judicial activities such as online litigation and online mediation are kept confidential in accordance with the law, and will not be leaked at will or illegally provided to others.”