, February 22. Comprehensive report. On the 22nd, Shimane Prefecture, Japan held a "Takeshima Day" (Japan-South Korea disputed islands, South Korea called "Dokdo") activities. The South Korean government strongly protested this and urged The Japanese side immediately canceled the relevant activities.

Data map: On the day of South Korea's "Dokdo Day", South Korea held a joint defense military exercise in the waters surrounding "Dokdo" (called "Takeshima" in Japan).

  The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that in Japan's Meiji era, Shimane Prefecture included "Takeshima" (known as "Dokdo" in South Korea) under its administrative jurisdiction, and designated February 22 every year as "Takeshima Day" , also held commemorative activities.

  Shimane Prefecture Governor Maruyama Tatsuya also said at the event that the territorial issue is an issue between countries, and he hopes to discuss the disputed island issue through diplomatic channels.

  On the other hand, according to Yonhap News Agency, a spokesman for the South Korean Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 22nd saying, "Strongly protest Japan's senseless provocation of Dokdo, and solemnly urge the immediate cancellation of related activities."

  South Korea's foreign ministry also stressed that the Japanese government should face up to history with humility.

  At the same time, the director of the Asia-Pacific Bureau of the South Korean Foreign Ministry also summoned the minister of the Japanese embassy in South Korea on the same day and protested.