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When a teenage girl gets into trouble at an American cafe, the behavior of her staff is being praised.

Miss A was studying alone in a cafe a while ago, when a man without a face approached her and did not stop flirting.

After a while, she approached the cafe, handed her a drink she had not even ordered, but the drink had a secret message hidden in it.

On the outside was written, "Can I help you? If that's the case, please open the lid of the cup."

Ms. A, who noticed this message, raised her head and shifted her gaze to her counter, and she found her staff staring at her.

She said that Miss A was relieved by the helping hand that appeared in her embarrassing situation, and she signaled that she was okay with her eyes.

The situation ended when the man who was flirting read the atmosphere and left in a hurry.

Ms. A's mother, who shared her story, thanked the store staff for taking care of her daughter.

Netizens responded, "I praise the sense and professionalism of the staff! It makes me happy too.", "How reliable was the student? His warm interest made a move."

(Screen source: Brandy Robertson's Facebook)