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ruling and opposition parties, who had been in conflict over the handling of the supplementary budget for supporting small businesses, dramatically agreed to handle this at the National Assembly plenary session at 6 pm today (21st).

The ruling and opposition parties are likely to agree on a government proposal worth 14 trillion won first, and then promising additional support after the election.

Correspondent Kim Min-jung.

<Reporter> Yoon Ho-

jung, floor leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, Kim Ki-hyeon, floor leader of the People's Power, met this morning presided over by National Assembly Speaker Park Byeong-seok.

After a 30-minute meeting, the ruling and opposition party leaders agreed to handle the supplementary budget for supporting small businesses at the plenary session of the National Assembly this evening.

Earlier on the 19th, the Democratic Party held a special committee for the National Assembly on the morning of the 19th and handled the 14 trillion won supplementary budget submitted by the government.

It includes details such as providing 3 million won in quarantine subsidies to 3.2 million small business owners and self-employed people. 

[Yun Ho-jung / Democratic Party floor leader: Let's deal with the consultations as soon as they are negotiated, and let the opposition and opposition parties work harder after the presidential election is over.]

In response, the pre-decision committee reopened stating that the people's power is null and void, and together with the amendment of the law related to loss compensation for small business owners. I objected that it had to be dealt with.

[Kim Ki-hyeon/People's Power Floor Leader: I think that this supplementary budget plan has been completed well by the end of today, so we need to go through the normal procedure and process it by the end of today.]

The ruling and opposition parties have entered into four-way negotiations between the secretariat of the ruling and opposition parties and the senior deputy floor representative from 4 pm.

We plan to hold a plenary meeting this evening and prepare a final draft.

The opposition and opposition parties are divided on the size of the supplementary budget bill, but it is likely that the opposition parties promise additional support after the election after the 14 trillion won government bill is dealt with first.