• Tragedy in Newfoundland A "sudden stoppage of the engine" caused the sinking of the 'Villa de Pitanxo'

  • Villa de Pitanxo Fishing in Newfoundland, the most dangerous job in the world: 30 below zero, no hours and no fixed salary

At midnight this Tuesday, almost a week after the shipwreck of the Galician ship

'Villa de Pitanxo'

in Canadian waters, the three survivors and five of the nine recovered bodies arrived in Spain.

They flew from

San Juan de Terranova

in a plane that landed at Santiago de Compostela airport in the middle of the night.

In Santiago, the families of the ship's crew (survivors, deceased and missing) and an institutional delegation headed by the President of the Government,

Pedro Sánchez


the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food,

Luis Planas


the president of the Xunta de Galicia,

Alberto Núñez Feijóo


the Government delegate in Galicia,

José Miñones


and the sub-delegate of the Government in Pontevedra,

Maica Larriba


Before the arrival of the plane, Sánchez held a meeting with relatives of the crew members.

Once he landed, they were greeted at the foot of the runway.

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Tragedy in NewfoundlandA "sudden stop of the engine", cause of the sinking of the 'Villa de Pitanxo'

Tragedy in Newfoundland The three survivors and seven bodies from the 'Villa de Pitanxo' arrive at the Canadian port of San Juan de Newfoundland

Tragedy in NewfoundlandSamuel Kwesi, from stowaway to Spain to survivor of the 'Villa de Pitanxo'

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