Alexis Delafontaine 07h25, February 21, 2022

In an investigation published on Sunday, Mediapart affirms that Fabien Roussel, candidate of the Communist Party (PCF) in the presidential election, would have occupied a post of parliamentary assistant paid by a deputy from the North.

Only, no trace of this job was found by the newspaper.

The communist presidential candidate Fabien Roussel was reportedly employed from 2009 to 2014 as parliamentary assistant to the deputy from the North, Jean-Jacques Candelier.

Indeed, according to a Mediapart survey published on Sunday, the latter was paid 3,000 euros per month for this job, only no proof of any work was found or provided.

"We didn't see it"

Neither an SMS, nor an email, nor a note was provided by Fabien Roussel to justify his work, according to Mediapart.

Jean-Jacques Candelier also provided no evidence of the work of his assistant.

"We didn't see him, we didn't work with him," adds one of them.

Paid 3,000 euros per month for five years, Fabien Roussel claims to have proof of this work, but he simply did not provide it to Mediapart, he justifies.

In addition, the newspaper presents a photo of the organization chart of the deputy's team, in which Fabien Roussel is the only absent assistant.

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The newspaper also claims that the presidential candidate was working for the Communist Party instead.

It is based on documents presenting him as Federal Secretary for the North at the time.

A “volunteer and militant” position, justifies the presidential candidate, which he performed outside his working hours.

Charges reminiscent of those brought against the MoDem and the National Rally for the same facts a few months ago.