Luzie, more precisely Lucifer, doesn't have it easy either.

He is the devil's son, Satan's offspring, a child of the incarnate, a creature of hell.

It's not quite as cool as you might think, though.

When his father the devil calls for him, he likes to call him "the sneaky toad".

Actually, the devil is all right.

"Evil is only his work," Lucifer knows.

A real backbreaking job, day in and day out spreading bad vibes.

But if his son plays a trick on him again, then Satan doesn't know any relatives either.

Then he sends his hellhound Cerberus on Lucifer's neck.

And Cerberus finds everyone.

Although - but this has to remain a secret - the hellhound actually prefers to be petted.

The Frankfurt author Jochen Till came up with the stories of Satan's son "Lucifer junior" and his house demon Cornibus.

Eleven volumes from the series have now been published.

Now he was a guest with the illustrator Raimund Frey in the FAZ Sunday stories.

Together they read from their first volume "Luzifer junior - too good for hell".

Metallica instead of tooting

This time, Marie-Lisa Kehler, deputy editor-in-chief of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, ventured into the hellishly colorful world of the devil.

There, where heavy metal fans have to listen to 100 years of folk music as punishment, either of Bavarian and/or Austrian origin.

The sentence can be shortened by one year after 99 years at the earliest - assuming perfect yodelling skills.

Of course, Lucifer cannot allow that.

He tinkers a bit with the technology and in "Ababteilung 27", where heavy metal fans end up, they no longer play but play Metallica.

To the delight of the inmates.

Then the devil's horns swell.

And they only do that when he's really mad.

Luzie doesn't have horns, he's also missing hooves.

Luckily, he doesn't attract attention.

Basically, Luzie is way too nice.

On earth he should finally learn

how "badness" works.

So Luzie ends up in the St. Fidibus Institute for boys.

He should learn from Torben and his gang how you can be really nasty and mean.

But the Sunday stories are not only read aloud, the authors also answer questions.

So Till was supposed to tell how he came up with the idea of ​​writing a book about the son of the devil.

"The basic idea came from the publisher," said Till.

The only requirement was that it had to be funny.

After it was clear that he would not be given any specifications for the content, he got to work.

Because Till wants to write the stories that he would have liked to read as a child or teenager.

Since specifications only disturb.

And Lina asked how many books from the series she can look forward to.

"It depends on whether the books continue to sell well," said Till.

Volume 12 is already finished and will appear in September.

Till and Frey already have a contract for volume 13.

As long as writing is fun and ideas don't run out, there will probably be more books in the series.

"Does Lucifer actually have a mother?" moderator Marie-Lisa Kehler wanted to know.

In general, there are so few girls and women in the books: "But they can also be evil." Till and Frey recommend reading Volume 4 of the series.

The fact that Till read and answered himself on Sunday is something new.

For 20 years he sent a good friend to read his books to an audience.

In the Sunday stories he has now told why he has not gone on stage himself for so long: "I'm a stutterer." It was simply not possible for him to read in front of an audience.

"It has only now developed that I can do it myself."

"Children don't go to hell"

As a Lucifer junior team, Till and Frey are unbeatable.

Whenever Till has written a new story, they sit down and consider which characters should make it into the books.

A lot of fun, which Frey now also showed in the Sunday stories.

He drew not only the house demon Cornibus, but also other mythical creatures at the request of the viewers.

The passionate rock musician and sweets fan Till has written a total of 62 books since 1997.

But the Lucifer series is his most successful.

More than 250,000 books have now been sold.

And as we now know: more will follow.

Even if Luzie will continue to be the only child in hell.

Because when asked if there were other children in hell, Till said: "No, children don't go to hell."