China News Service, Beijing, February 21 (Reporter Li Jingze) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on the 21st that he hopes relevant parties will take off their colored glasses, abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice, and view Sino-Russian relations objectively. Cooperate with the two countries, recognize the prevailing trend of the times, do more things that are beneficial to the maintenance of world peace and development, and avoid labelling other countries and inciting confrontation and confrontation.

  A reporter asked. At the Munich Security Conference last weekend, a few leaders of Western countries said that China's choice to support Russia's position on the NATO issue shows that China and Russia are trying to replace the existing international order with a new global order.

What is the spokesperson's comment on this?

  Wang Wenbin said that State Councilor Wang Yi clarified China's position on the issue of NATO's eastward expansion during the Munich Security Conference.

He said that the Cold War has long since ended, and NATO, as a product of the Cold War, should assess the situation and make necessary adjustments.

If NATO blindly expands to the east, will it be conducive to maintaining peace and stability in Europe, and whether it will be conducive to the realization of long-term stability in Europe? This is a question worthy of serious consideration by European friends.

  Regarding the relationship between China and Russia, Wang Wenbin said that China and Russia, as permanent members of the UN Security Council and responsible major countries, have always been committed to promoting the building of a new type of international relations and a community with a shared future for mankind, and have always taken the lead in promoting equality, integrity, cooperation, and Abiding by the law, and always insisting on non-alignment, non-confrontation, and non-targeting of third parties, the international community has generally given and commented on this.

  He said that he hopes relevant parties will take off their tinted glasses, abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice, view China-Russia relations and cooperation between the two countries in an objective manner, recognize the mainstream trend of the times, do more things that are beneficial to maintaining world peace and development, and avoid rash actions. Label other countries and incite confrontation and confrontation.

  Another reporter asked that a rocket wreckage is expected to hit the back of the moon on March 4. NASA analysis believes that the wreckage may come from a launch vehicle launched by China for a lunar exploration mission in 2014. thruster.

How does China respond to this?

  Wang Wenbin said that the Chinese side has noticed the recent expert analysis and media reports on this matter. According to the Chinese side's monitoring, the last stage of the rocket related to the Chang'e 5 mission has safely crashed into the earth's atmosphere and completely burned.

"China has always developed the space industry based on international law and practically maintained the long-term sustainability of outer space activities. We are willing to carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation with all parties in this regard." (End)