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  • Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin are due to call each other this Sunday in what looks like a last-ditch attempt to avoid war.

  • Ukraine, however, asks its allies to stop attempts at appeasement, while Kiev and Washington accuse Russia of love massed 150,000 soldiers at its gates.

  • Tensions at the border are increasing: OECD observers have counted more than 1,500 ceasefire violations between Thursday and Friday.




Joe Biden “convinced” that Putin has decided to attack “in the next few days” and could target Kiev


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky offers a meeting with Vladimir Putin

9:52 a.m .: Russia can launch an attack on Ukraine “at any time”

US President Joe Biden is due to attend a rare meeting of the National Security Council on the Ukraine crisis on Sunday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement.

Joe Biden was briefed on talks at the Munich security conference among Western leaders on the ongoing crisis, and his national security advisers "reaffirmed that Russia could launch an attack on Ukraine at any time." moment,” added Jen Psaki.

For nearly three months, Washington has been sounding the alarm over preparations for a Russian offensive in Ukraine.

On Friday, Joe Biden said he was, for the first time, "convinced" that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had decided to invade Ukraine "in the coming days", and that the current multiplication of clashes on the front line in the east of the country aimed to create a "false justification" for launching the offensive.

9:38 a.m.: Red phone

Emmanuel Macron has an interview this Sunday with Vladimir Putin, an emergency diplomatic effort to try to avoid a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This interview scheduled for 10 a.m. is maintained even as Kiev now calls on its Western allies to cease any policy of “appeasement” with regard to Moscow, accused by Washington and Kiev of having massed 150,000 soldiers on the eastern Ukrainian borders.

After their meeting on February 7 in Moscow, this discussion between the French and Russian leaders constitutes “the last possible and necessary efforts to avoid a major conflict in Ukraine”, underlined the Elysée.

Hello everyone and hello everyone.

Welcome to this new live from the editorial staff of 20 Minutes on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

The tension seems to be at its height on this Sunday, February 20.

Will Russia attack after the end of the Olympics?

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