22-year-old Amanda Fredriksson Ståhl comes from Gothenburg, but has lived in various group homes around the country.

For a period, this meant that she moved to a new home every year.

She has various diagnoses, including autism and ADHD, and has now lived in a group home in Nässjö for the past two years where she thrives.

- I now feel that I am starting to land after all the chaotic years I have been through.

I also feel that I will be able to live here for a long time now without having to move, she says.

"Important to spread knowledge"

The number of people granted housing according to LSS, the law on special support for certain disabled people, has increased in more than half of the county's municipalities in recent years, according to a survey by SVT Jönköping.

Amanda thinks it is important to spread knowledge to those who may not dare to move to a group home or who do not understand what it means.

- There are so many out there who do not dare to express how they feel.

I want to be a support and a role model for those who do not dare.

In the clip above, Amanda shows her apartment at the group home in Nässjö.