China News Agency, Brussels, February 19 (Reporter De Yongjian) The winter storm "Eunice" landed "aggressively" in Western European countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium on the 18th, causing at least 5 deaths and injuries; the storm also caused flight cancellations and railways. Suspended, the road continued to fall into chaos due to accidents.

  On the afternoon of the 18th local time, "Younis" landed in the Netherlands, with gusts of winds as high as 150 kilometers per hour. For this reason, the authorities issued red warnings to Friesland, Zeeland, North Holland, South Holland and other provinces. Residents are urged to stay at home and not drive on the road.

  As of the evening of the 18th local time, casualties were reported in many places in the Netherlands. Among them, at least 3 people in the capital Amsterdam and surrounding areas were killed after being hit by a tree blown down by the storm. A motorcycle driver in the northern city of Groningen was hit by the storm. Dead from fallen tree, an elderly woman in North Brabant province suffered multiple fractures after being hit by a tree that was blown down by a storm.

  For safety reasons, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport cancelled more than 300 flights on the 18th, all domestic and international trains entering and leaving the Netherlands were suspended, and many sections of domestic high-speed arterial roads were forced to close due to overturning accidents or roadside trees were blown down. Traffic is in chaos.

  According to Dutch news agency and other media reports, in North Brabant, South Holland and other places, the storm also caused damage to buildings, including roofs being overturned, exterior walls being blown down, solar panels being blown off, etc. Residents were forced to evacuate from their homes.

  In Belgium, on the 18th, the authorities issued a second-level orange warning to coastal provinces such as East Flanders and West Flanders, urging the public to go out and beware of trees or other flying objects that may be blown down; the capital Brussels closed forests for safety reasons , parks and other places to prevent strong winds blowing down trees and causing casualties.

  On the afternoon of the 18th local time, as "Younes" landed in Belgium, all trains entering and leaving East Flanders, West Flanders, and Antwerp, the second largest city, were suspended; in order to ensure the safety of students, most local primary and secondary schools arranged 18 School was dismissed early at noon on Sunday, and Antwerp University also suspended classes on the afternoon of the 18th.