Chinanews client, Beijing, February 19 (Peng Ningling) "When can parental leave be taken? The policy is available but not available" "What is the difference between parental leave and personal leave" "Male employees can take paternity leave in the past year. Parental leave?" Recently, netizens in many places reported that it was difficult to apply for leave after the parental leave policy was introduced.

  Did you take parental leave?

What if the company does not implement it?

Netizens from all over the country reported the implementation of parental leave.

Source: People's Daily Online "Leadership Message Board"

Too slow, there are thresholds... Parental leave, is it okay to take it?

  "For such a large listed company, the parental leave policy is going so slowly, I feel that it will always be feedback that it is being formulated."

  On January 18, an employee of a company in Beijing said on the People's Daily Online "Leadership Message Board" that he had given birth to a son in August last year. After Beijing announced the parental leave policy, he asked the company whether he could take a vacation. Leave not granted.

  On November 26 last year, Beijing passed the newly revised "Regulations on Population and Family Planning", which stipulates that couples who have children according to regulations, before the children turn 3 years old, each enjoy 5 working days of parental leave each year.

  According to media reports, by the end of 2021, 23 provinces have completed the revision of population and family planning regulations.

All regions have further improved the maternity leave system in the regulations. 22 provinces have extended maternity leave to 158 days or more. In addition, they have established parental leave ranging from 5 to 20 days. has noticed that since January this year, netizens have frequently left messages online reflecting that parental leave is difficult.

  In Shenzhen, Guangdong, someone said that when employees apply for parental leave, the answer they get is that they need to wait for the relevant departments to issue a document.

  A netizen in Shanghai mentioned that companies have set thresholds for employees to apply for parental leave.

For example, the application needs to be 4 weeks in advance, and it is necessary to prove that there is no child in the family.

In addition, the unit explained that parental leave can be implemented by enterprises, but not required.

  "Parental leave is originally intended by the state to encourage the masses to have more children, so that parents can give their children more time to accompany their children. Should they be able to take the same leave as the previous year?" The netizen said that so far (January 26), there has been no one in the unit. Please go to parental leave, "all requests have been rejected by the unit."

Data map: On the streets of Beijing, mothers play with their children.

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Enterprise: forced vacation, or relationship "rice bowl"

  "Parental leave is a social security holiday related to the population and family planning policy. At this stage, the relevant regulations in various places are still relatively principled." Liu Lanlan, a lawyer from Sichuan Discovery Law Firm, told Chinanews that legally, parental leave is compulsory Insufficient, its implementation largely depends on the willingness of enterprises.

  "As far as I know, most units in Beijing have not formulated a parental leave process." A human resources staff member of a company in Beijing said in an interview with that because the policy has not issued detailed rules, it is very realistic who will bear the cost of leave. The problem.

  "Imagine this is the company you run and ask you to pay for the employee's vacation. Would you be willing to let him take it off?"

  The person said that at present, no employees of the unit have taken the initiative to request leave.

"Even if someone proposes, I can only tell him that the company only acts in accordance with the regulations. Forcing an unfounded leave is related to 'employment'."

  In other units, despite the parental leave process in place, some employees still do not choose to take time off.

  An employee of a securities company in Wuhan told that the company has set up a parental leave process, but no one from the unit has proposed leave.

"I meet the conditions (for parental leave), but I haven't finished my annual leave. In the context of competition for working hours, I feel that taking leave will affect my personal assessment."

  In the consultation that Liu Lanlan received, many employees also mentioned the situation of "don't dare to ask for leave".

  The lawyer said that according to the current regulations, parental leave is paid leave, and some places clearly stipulate that the leave is "considered as attendance" or "the treatment remains unchanged", "but at this stage, it is indeed difficult to give an answer that fully satisfied employees. "

Beijing Dongcheng District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau responded to netizens.

Source: People's Daily Online "Leadership Message Board"

Implementation and supporting policies should keep up

  I can't take parental leave, what should I do?

At present, Beijing, Zhejiang and other places have provided solutions to the related problems.

  For example, the Hangzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission recently responded to netizens that the revised "Regulations on Population and Family Planning in Zhejiang Province" will take effect on the day they are promulgated, and no red-headed document confirmation is required; if the unit refuses to implement it, it can be reported to the local labor security supervision detachment.

  In response to a netizen, the Chaoyang District Health and Health Commission of Beijing said that it had supervised the company that was reported, and the unit responded that it was revising and improving the vacation system, which will be strictly implemented in accordance with the "Regulations".

  However, there are also many replies saying that "the relevant specific implementation measures have not yet been issued, and will be researched and formulated as soon as possible."

  "Point-to-point supervision may be able to play a certain role, but in the long run, it is still somewhat passive." Liu Lanlan believes that from the results, department supervision is not mandatory, and it is not clear whether there are supporting punishment measures. "There are too many companies, and the work pressure of the competent authorities will increase greatly.

  In the lawyer's view, to ensure the implementation of parental leave, the competent authorities first need to implement the details of the implementation.

"For example, giving parental leave a certain degree of compulsion to ensure guidance for employees, enterprises and relevant authorities."

  At the same time, policy advocacy and supporting subsidies also need to keep up, reduce pressure on enterprises, and improve enterprises' understanding and support of national policies.

  "According to the original intention of the policy, parents who take parental leave must provide high-quality companionship to their children in order to truly bring positive benefits to the entire society in the long run." Liu Lanlan said.