Jordan: We are fighting drug smugglers on behalf of the countries of the region... and we will show them the "red eye"

The Director of Jordanian Military Information, Colonel Mustafa Al-Hiyari, said that Jordan is fighting an undeclared war on the borders with smugglers on behalf of the countries of the region, indicating that 30 smugglers were killed after the new rules of engagement were implemented.

Al-Hiyari added, in a press conference on the northeastern border yesterday, that "those who offend Jordan will face death... It is our priority to preserve the fence of the homeland," noting that "drugs threaten societal security, and we deal firmly with smugglers, and we only see them as red eyes."

For his part, Colonel Zaid al-Dabbas said that Jordan is the first line of defense for the region, and no country alone can combat drug smuggling, and we are trying to prevent drug networks in Syria from expanding.

He added, "After two years of relative calm on the Syrian side, we found that behind this calm were gangs that were standing up to smuggle drugs to Jordan, and we were able to obtain information about the work of these gangs and places of storage and manufacturing, as the gangs were monitoring our salaries and using drones to smuggle drugs."

Al-Dabbas explained, “There are organized operations and there are fake operations to mislead the border guards, and there are armed groups on the Syrian side that pose a threat, using launchers and automatic weapons.

And he said, “We have monitored more than 160 groups on the Syrian side working in drug smuggling, and there are border detachments that provide protection for smugglers on the Syrian side, and we have documented this to all parties in Syria about these gangs,” referring to the seizure of more than 17 million narcotic pills.

Colonel Youssef Al-Daham said that "the Syrian response has not been translated into reality," pointing to the presence of Syrian militias and outposts cooperating with smugglers.

And he stated, "Our mission is to prevent infiltration and smuggling operations to and from Jordan through new rules of engagement and a red eye."

He pointed out that "drug gangs take advantage of the bad weather conditions and poor visibility," noting that during the past month we were able to prevent all infiltration attempts.

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