While China is increasing its presence in Africa by supporting infrastructure, the EU-European Union has announced a huge amount of support of more than 19 trillion yen in Japanese yen in the future to reinforce relations with Africa.

The EU and AU-African Union held a summit meeting in Brussels, Belgium, for two days until the 18th.

At the meeting, the EU adopted a document that included the provision of a huge amount of support to Africa, which amounted to more than 150 billion euros in total for the public and private sectors, and more than 19 trillion yen in Japanese yen.

It plans to invest in climate change countermeasures and infrastructure development in the digital field.

This support is part of the EU's out-of-region infrastructure development support measures announced last year, and EU President Von der Leyen said it would be an alternative to China's Belt and Road initiative. ..

In addition, in order to secure a new corona vaccine in Africa, we will continue to discuss the suspension of patent rights required by developing countries, and will hold another meeting this spring.

As China grows its presence in Africa through infrastructure development and huge loans, Chairman Von der Leyen said at a press conference, "Europe wants to continue to be Africa's biggest partner. To put the word into practice. We are working on it right now, "he emphasized, and expressed his willingness to reinforce relations with Africa.