The supplementary budget bill for compensation for COVID-19 damage was handled exclusively by the ruling party at the plenary session of the Special Budget and Settlement Committee.

The Democratic Party held a plenary meeting of the Preliminary Committee today (19th) at 2 am, and decided to propose an additional budget bill of 14 trillion won with the main goal of 3 million won per person in the quarantine subsidy.

While the members of the People's Power Preliminary Committee including Chairman Lee Jong-bae were absent, according to the National Assembly Act, the ruling party secretary Maeng Seong-gyu acted as the chairperson, and the Democratic Party lawmakers attended.

Earlier, the ruling and opposition parties discussed the supplementary budget plan yesterday afternoon, but could not reach an agreement after only checking each other's differences.

The Democratic Party plans to hold a plenary session on the 21st at the earliest and propose an additional budget bill.