The government will extend the deadline for 17 prefectures such as Osaka, while 5 prefectures such as Okinawa will cancel it on the 20th.

The deadline for all 31 prefectures where the priority measures will continue to be applied will be the 6th of next month, and we plan to take thorough measures to avoid further extensions.

Regarding "priority measures such as spread prevention", the government has said that it is necessary to continue to work on controlling the spread of infection in 3 prefectures in Kansai, Hokkaido, Fukuoka and 16 prefectures with a deadline of 20 days, and Wakayama with a deadline of 27 days this month. I decided to extend it until the 6th of March.

On the other hand, Okinawa, Yamagata, Shimane, Yamaguchi, and Oita prefectures have decided to cancel the infection with a 20-day deadline because the infection situation has settled down.

As a result, the priority measures will continue to be applied to 31 prefectures, and the deadline will be 6th next month.

As the speed of spread of infection is slowing down nationwide, the government will take thorough measures to avoid further extension, and will continue to secure a medical care provision system and accelerate the third vaccination. am.

In addition, the minister in charge of Japan's new corona measures at Yamagiwa said, "For local governments where medical care is unlikely to be tight, I hope to cancel it without waiting for the 6th of next month." Some say that local governments with improved infections should consider moving ahead and canceling priority measures.

The government wants to carefully analyze the status of the medical care provision system in 31 prefectures, communicate with local governments, and determine when to cancel the priority measures.